Hawkeye Down (Steve Rogers x Reader)

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| Mild language |

The hospital was abuzz this morning... like no other morning since you'd worked there. Just after 10:00, word got around that ambulances were starting to arrive with members of the Avengers onboard.

No one had heard of any incidents on the news so no one knew what to expect. It wasn't likely to affect you much since you worked nowhere near the E.R. You worked in the Intensive Care Unit. But other hospital workers were beside themselves at the thought of being near the earth's mightiest heroes.

On your lunch break, you sat in the cafeteria and watched people walk from table to table, pollinating each table with new details about the incident and the team.

It's not that you weren't interested but you just felt like it wasn't your business.

Although you'd managed to overhear things and, if it was true, you knew that Hawkeye was here and in bad condition and that Captain America and Black Widow were also being treated for less serious injuries.

You kept reading your book until it was time to go back to the 9th floor and get back into it. The 9th floor was quiet normally, sometimes deafeningly quiet. But most of the time, the quiet was nice... comforting, even.

Walking off the elevator towards the nurses station, you watched as another nurse wheeled a man into a room. That was the norm. But you noticed it this time because there were two other people following behind. One you recognized as a hospital administrator and the other was tall and wearing an arm sling and a hospital gown with dirty blue pants underneath. He gave you a nod with pursed lips as you came near, just before they walked into the room.

"That's Captain America," another nurse whispered as you put your things down at the nurses station. Her name was Linda and she was whispering to your fellow nurse and friend, Abby.

"Oh, he's hurt bad," Abby whispered back.

"No, not that one - the one who was walking... that's him," Linda whispered back.

You just rolled your eyes as you flipped through some paperwork, not even looking in their direction because you didn't want to get involved and you certainly didn't feel like telling Abby she was disappointing you.

'That's your room, (Y/N)," Linda said, looking over her shoulder at you. If looks could kill, you were sure you'd be lying cold on the floor with the one she just gave you. I don't have time for this petty shit, you thought. Linda wasn't worth the effort it would take to reply. Instead, you turned and straightened your back, walking towards the room trying to look as pleasant as possible.

The talking abruptly stopped when you walked in the room, only the beeping sound of the equipment was audible. The hospital gown clad man, who you now knew was Captain America, gave you another friendly look, though you could tell he was preoccupied.

"I'm (Y/N)," you said to the men.

The hospital administrator held out his arm towards you and looked at Captain America, "She'll take good care of him, don't worry." Though he didn't know you from Adam, the faith was a nice gesture.

As you picked up Hawkeye's chart and eyed it quickly, you gave Captain America a little smile. "You don't look like you're having a great day either, Captain."

With tired eyes and a gentle, quiet laugh, he said, "No, not really."

"Captain Rogers," the administrator looked at him firmly, "please let us know what you need." He excused himself and you found yourself alone with the friendly hero.

"I promise I'll take good care of him," you said. "Do you have a room?"

"I do," he said in a deep voice. You thought he was going to say something like "but I'd rather stay here" although he didn't.

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