Together (Steve Rogers x Reader)

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I do not own these characters, I just write them as a way to love and care for them. This story gets the good Captain's language warning.

Though he was nine feet away, the burning stare he was giving her from across the room was evident, even without Y/N lifting her head up to meet his dark, tired eyes.

His gaze followed her body as she paced back and forth, his lips pressed together, nearly in a frown. He knew her well but this stubborn side was unusual for her. Feeling a pang of anxiety in his chest, he shifted in his chair, sitting forward to lean his elbows on his knees.

"I know you're upset with me, I'm sorry," he sighed. "I..." His eyes redirected to the floor and he couldn't make himself continue speaking. He just didn't want to say what he'd stopped himself from saying to her so many times before.

Her body stopped moving immediately and she stared him down with icy eyes. "You're damn right I'm upset with you. You know I don't want to do this."

The words spewed from her curled lips and cut straight through his heart.

But he couldn't blame her or be upset with her. If she needed to be angry with someone right now, he was fine with being the fall guy. He rose out of his chair to walk towards her, taking in a quick, sharp breath before laying his hands on her shoulders. "I'm sorry, I really am. We both know this is what you have to do."

"Tony, I know you think you're smarter than everyone else but this is not how this needs to go down."

His chin fell to his chest quickly. Her sharp tone was tough for him to take.

She huffed angrily. "I'm tired of this conversation, completely tired of it!"

The backup information he was keeping from her finally seemed like the card he needed to play. He had a stinging gulp in his throat as he said, "Barnes agrees with me as well."

A pin dropping to the floor could have been heard just then, in fact, it would have shattered his ear drums. Tony even thought he could hear her heart beating. She turned from him without a word, walking towards the white door nearest to her. His heart in his throat, he watched her go, and she closed the door behind her silently.

Y/N breathed out hard, suddenly realizing she must have been holding her breath.

The familiar short hallway leading to her bedroom was lit dimly, only the color of the dark blue night bled through the curtains to light the way. Around the corner was the bed she shared with the unassuming, covered lump with wide shoulders who was laying in the middle of the mattress. As she stepped up to the bed, she could smell his aftershave mingling with the scent of freshly washed bed sheets.

A faint smile that she was unaware of played on her lips as she pulled the covers back to slip in, revealing his usual white bedtime t-shirt. She gently moved into the middle of the bed, searching out a spot close to him where she could feel his radiating warmth. As she pressed her thighs into the back of his and shimmied her face and arms to his upper back, he stirred quietly, gently rolling over to look at her.

"Hi, sweetheart," he whispered, his velvety voice shrouded in sleep. The tone of his voice made it evident that he was smiling at her already.

She wiggled closer to him, laying her head on the crease in the middle of his pecks. The aftershave scent was even more comforting up close, as her fingers played with the fabric of his shirt.

"You're too quiet," he said softly, rubbing her cheek. "Everything okay?"

A nod was all she could muster, her voice would surely give her away. She chose to happily sink into him more, feeling that hint of stubble from his neck pressed against her forehead. His hand rubbed her back, taking her fear away temporarily.

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