Here Comes The Hammer (Steve Rogers x Reader)

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|   Warning: Soft and fluffy like a baby duck   |

"Thor, I don't want you to worry," I said, giving him a genuine look. "This is what Steve wants."

Standing in the gym, looking unusually nervous, Thor stared me down with questioning eyes. "And you would do anything he said?"

"He's trying to make me stronger, the training is going to make the difference," I said, also convincing myself that it was a good idea to spar with a god.

...And also convincing myself I wasn't just doing this because Steve asked me to... that it was because the Captain had asked. After all, he was the one in charge. Truthfully, I found myself more tongue-tied around Steve than I would like. For someone who was so confident in so many other ways, I was really not my best around Steve. It was starting to get under my skin.

After a minute of stating my case, I wore Thor down, probably more out of just giving in than seeing my point. But a win's a win so I stepped back into a fighting position and whispered, "Okay... give me what you got."

He sighed and I thought I may have even seen an eye roll but couldn't be sure about that one. I don't think I'd ever seen him this sassy before. "Dear lady, argument would be fruitless on my part..." he said as he stepped toward me and put me in a headlock with the strength of a ten year old boy.

"Come on," I said, "if you don't make this real, it's not going to help me." Maybe I should have started training with Clint or Nat first but I felt like Thor would take pity on me and train me without too much pushing on my part. Boy, was I wrong about that.

He tightened his grip on my neck and shoulders. His arms are so wide, I started to get nervous thinking about how I was going to escape him, I could barely move. "You're not going to hurt me," he said, with his face close to my ear. At that moment, a movement caught my eye above and I glanced up to see Steve walking on the catwalk and stopping to watch us. No guts, no glory, I thought and stomped on Thor's foot hard, pulling him over my shoulders and letting him crash down to the ground in front of me. I'm not going to lie, I felt pretty bad about how hard he went down but he seemed fine and even smirked at me. In a split second, he had kicked my leg away from me and I was down on the floor too. He was already back up and ready to go so I flipped myself up off my back. Thor's fists came flying at me but I was blocking him pretty well until I felt someone kick the middle of my back. I ducked down, feeling pain shooting through my spine and hit the floor between Thor's feet, looking up just in time to see him punch Natasha. I rolled through his legs and landed behind him, standing to jump on his back, my arms hanging on to his neck. I kicked my legs on both sides of him and deflected Nat, who was running at us. My glory lasted a millisecond as I dropped off Thor and he turned around to face me, hammer in hand. I began to run at him.

But both of us turned our heads when we heard the door open and saw Steve walk in ...Natasha didn't though. Focused as ever, she ran at Thor and kicked her feet straight out at him, sending him flying forward... Thor toppled over, hammer still out. Unfortunately, I was still moving towards him and my forehead happened to be right there.

Stop, hammer time.

Later, when they were trying to find out what I remembered about the sparring, I could only remember the feeling of falling to the floor, my body feeling heavy and completely out of my control. Nat told me my head bounced off the floor as she made a cringing face. Well, that was unusual, I thought, Nat doesn't usually seem so affected by things like that.

Thor sat in a chair next to the bed while Nat paced around casually and Steve was sitting on the edge of the bed. Every single face seemed to grimace. For a team of fighters, this seemed so odd to me.

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