Caught Red-Handed

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This story was featured in a book called STEVE ROGERS: HOT SHOTS that I have discontinued.

I do not own these characters, I just write them as a way to love and care for them.



As she stood there with tears in her eyes, staring down the man she loved, the wind picked up and her hair began to hit her face. The strands clouding her view of him was so parallel to the indecision in her heart. A chill ran up her arms as he stepped forward and brushed the hair away from her face.

"I came up here to be alone," she called out over the noise of the waterfall just a few feet from them.

Steve paused and furrowed his brow. "Are you sure that's what you came up here for?" His concern was real but she was shocked at his suggestion.

"I didn't come up here to do anything stupid, if that's what you mean." Her voice was icy and it ripped through his heart.

Steve stepped closer to her once more. He reached out for her face again but she turned away. He squinted as he tried to speak over top of the noise. "I hope you know you mean more to me than anything else in the world. I'd be lost without you." When she didn't respond to him and continued to look away, Steve's mind raced for the right thing to say. "Y/N..." he called out over the roar of the falls. "Nothing happened."

"Are you forgetting that I walked in and saw a naked woman in your shower?" She finally looked at him but her eyes cut through him. "She was in your shower - right there in front of my eyes... while YOU started taking your shirt off and walking towards the shower."

"No, nothing happened!" he said, emotion now taking over in his voice. "I don't know how she got into my room. I'm telling you... I don't know how. I promise you, Y/N" he reached out to hold her shoulders, "I don't know that girl or how she got in. I thought you were in my shower, I couldn't tell through the frosted glass."

Y/N shrugged his hands away and stepped away from him. "Save it, Steve.

"Y/N! I thought it was YOU in my shower!"

She swallowed hard and her eyes flashed a bitter look. "You know, I actually thought this was going to be an amazing vacation for us. Even though the rest of the team is here, I thought it would be romantic... I thought... I'm so stupid, I thought you might even propose to me here." She swallowed hard again, choking back tears. Her feet shuffled away from him, closer to the cliff.

Steve's hand reached out for her, instinctively. "Y/N, don't," he said firmly. The little calm he had left was quickly slipping away from him. His hand wrapped around her wrist and she pulled on it hard, freeing herself.

"Steven Grant Rogers, don't you TOUCH me. After all the time we were together, you still haven't figured out to leave me alone when I'm really pissed off!"

Steve feared back, salty tears now stinging his eyes. "We're not together anymore?" His voice was quiet but he was on the verge of an emotional breakdown.

The look on his face made her chest ache but she was mad as hell and not backing down. Y/N shook her head to herself and took a giant step forward and then a leap, clearing the edge of the cliff as she rolled into a dive position. Steve's heart was in his throat as he watched it all happen in a split second. His mouth released a guttural sound as he watched her drop like a rock to the bay below.

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