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From Hate To Love Steve Rogers x Y/n by Just_a_small_possum
From Hate To Love Steve Rogers x Just_a_small_possum
A small sample of the story: "WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM ROGERS?" you yell "YOU, YOU ARE MY PROBLEM!" he yells back "WHY? WHAT DID I DO?" "NO...
The Compound by christevetay
The Compoundby Christevetay
Steve Rogers is an ex-superhero, now one of the richest men in the world after helping to restore the world out of chaos, and an Alpha looking for not only a mate, but l...
The Arranged Marriage by nerdybookworm1998
The Arranged Marriageby Gryffindor Girl
Based on this request: "Anonymous said: Can we have Victorian era arranged marriage au with steve x reader? Maybe them not liking each other but eventually falling...
Trust Me ✦ Steve x Reader by LadyLokiLaufeyson5
Trust Me ✦ Steve x Readerby Lady Emily Laufeyson
Y/n was captured by HYDRA at a young age. When she attacks The Avengers in order to get away, will she become an enemy? Or is there more to her story?
Kidnapped ~ Steve Rogers by stevenat55
Kidnapped ~ Steve Rogersby stevenat55
A Steve Rogers fanfiction Y/N and Steve had been dating for almost a year. Steve asks Y/N to move in with him in the avengers tower. After a few months Y/N is kidnapped...
Losing game (Captain America x Reader) by N_Dahl
Losing game (Captain America x Natalie
(Takes place after AoU) She has never really been close to anyone. She has lived her life, just doing what she has been told. After Sokovia, agent [Y/N] gets a new job...
The deal -( Steve Rogers fanfic)  by danielatpwk28
The deal -( Steve Rogers fanfic) by <3
Skylar Stark, the result of an one night stand , lives in the tower with her father , training to be an avenger , but with serious mental issues , she's the sweetest gir...
You and Me, Together (Single Parent AU) by ofstarsandvibranium
You and Me, Together (Single ofstarsandvibranium
After the death of his wife, Sharon, Steve Rogers is now the single parent of their daughter, Grace. Three years after his wife's death, his friends convince him to go b...
Oh, Baby  (Steve Rogers x Reader) by RogerCaptain
Oh, Baby (Steve Rogers x Reader)by RogerCaptain
It's all Avenging, fun, and games until the guys find a positive pregnancy test in Stark Tower. Bucky, Tony, and Steve all realize they are either going to be a father o...
《 It's Been A While 》Steve Rogers X Reader by AJ9302
《 It's Been A While 》Steve AJ9302
Y/n Jay. 25 years old. Female. 5'7" Currently working with S.H.E.I.L.D. and the Avengers under the direct orders from Nick Fury. "Welcome to your new home, p...
Dog of Mischief's by MrsNea
Dog of Mischief'sby Linnéa
Steve is dogsitting Y/N's corgi, but it doesn't go exactly as planned.
There's Someone I'm Waiting For (Steve Rogers x Reader) by RogerCaptain
There's Someone I'm Waiting For ( RogerCaptain
A terrible accident on a mission leaves Steve unable to remember his life after 1945... and leaves him unable to remember YOU. Can you stick around even though he's in l...
Avengers One Shots (REQUESTS OPEN!) by Perseny
Avengers One Shots (REQUESTS OPEN!)by Perseny
Marvel Character x reader one shots. Requests Always Welcome. :-)
Draw Me Your Worries | S. Rogers x Reader by Pulchritude_Rogers
Draw Me Your Worries | S. Rogers Pulchritude_Rogers
After the Battle of New York, Steve tries to deal with his anxiety by joining some free art classes, where he meets you. #1 in captainamerica #1 in steverogersxreader #...
The War Within | A Tony Stark Series by ironsoldier3000
The War Within | A Tony Stark ironsoldier3000
"We may not be perfect, but the safest hands are our own." Welcome to Book 3 of this precious series; it's a fun one. Interact by choosing which side you'll fi...
Sorry, Wrong bed.  by mariemarvelm
Sorry, Wrong bed. by MarieMarvel
You're obsessed with the MCU. You can't help it. Especially when there's a character like Bucky Barnes. One night you fall asleep thinking about him. The next morning y...
Family - What If...? by winter_captain
Family - What If...?by Cap/Bucky Fan Page
What if instead of your brother, Bucky, becoming the Winter Soldier, you did?
Marvel One Shots by ghostofskywalker
Marvel One Shotsby 💫 🪐 🥂 ✨
A collection of all the Marvel reader-insert one shots and short multichapter works I've written. I do not take requests. These stories can also be found on my writing...
King of Hearts (A Steve Rogers x Reader Fic) by smellslikehotgorlshi
King of Hearts (A Steve Rogers x Annabelle
Sam Wilson and YN King grew up together, served in the air force together, lost friends and family together. YN swears she'd do anything for Sam, and that's mostly true...