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"Wow, you should see this?" Dianne says, pushing her phone over the counter. Liza hands her friend a glass of wine before picking up the phone. Her blood boils as she set eyes on a black and white picture of Xander and Cara goofing around in front of a camera. She thought she knew the true meaning of heartbreak when Xander ended things with her, it turns out the real heartbreak is seeing him moving on. "I could swear you guys broke up 2 months ago, he sure got over you quickly." Dianne mocks.

"Shut the hell up."  Liza hands Dianne back her phone violently, as she walks away from her. Dianne smirks with the knowledge she got to the blonde-haired beauty.

Liza stops in her sitting room where she had left her phone, she picks it up and walks towards the stairs. She unlocks her phone and scrolls through her contacts before dialing a number.

"Hello," A husky voice comes from the other end of the line.

"Don't hello me. I look like a clown online with Xander flaunting his new bitch and it's your entire fault." Liza yells into the phone.

"It takes two to tango." Mark, Liza's manager responds.

Liza ignores his annoying statement, "I told you to look into the new girl, what have gotten?" 

"She's a bartender at Gisele's..."

Liza interrupts, "Wow, Xander downgraded, but I can't use that information. Everyone will love a pity story, how an average bartender is dating one of the richest men in America. They love to romanticize poverty."

"I gave some Benjamin to the owner of the bar and he starts spilling. Apparently, Xander paid to have a night named Cara."

A big smile erupts on Liza's face, "So, she's a whore? I love it."


"Holy shit, this place is huge?" Cassie turns to the pool in awe, then back at Cara before joining her under the shade.

"I told you right?"

Cassie's expression was Cara's when she first saw the house, there are even places in the house that remains an awe to Cara. 

"And you get to live here?  You lucky bitch," Cassie nudges Cara.

"Hey, I am a pregnant woman." Cara dramatically rubs her flat stomach.

"Shut up," Cassie rolls her eyes as she sits beside her under the shade.

"And I only get to live here for 9 months but I have a plan." Cara winks.

"Oh no," Cassie grumbles. "Whenever you say you have a plan, it's never good."

"Just listen." Cara pauses, picking up her glass of juice and talking a sip slowly just to annoy Cassie.

"Are you going to talk or what?" Cassie urges.

Cara moves the cup from her mouth, with a smirk on her face, "See, you are interested. I am going to milk this celebrity lifestyle, after signing his stupid contract I'm expected to receive some money, which we can use to start building our own house. Gonna make sure my face is in every magazine whether the asshole likes it or not, going to give acting a try again and before you know it, we are rich." Cara pauses, taking another sip of her juice. "I am going to make us rich, and then you would have to stop your work. Max, my baby, you and I, we are going to be okay."

Cassie looks at her best friend with a big smile on her face, her eyes already glassy, "Not a horrible plan." She nods.

"I told you." Cara winks.

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