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[not edited, but it's my birthday!]

*Niall's POV*

And sometimes I wonder how did I get here. Perseverance might be the characteristic that takes the cake.

I walked down the isle with my dad walking next to me.

"How do you feel." he whispered to me.

"You know I never thought I'd ever get cold feet and I don't now. It's just I never thought this moment would happen for me you know?" I said and he smiled nodding at me and rubbing my back.

"It is forever. I would know. Your mother and me were so scared when we first got married. We were so for certain in the beginning Yeah, but we were scared we'd both screw it up. That was just because it was new to us and a life long commitment. It'll work out Niall . Just let things be smooth." My dad said and we continued to walk down the isle and Zayn looked at me smiling and then I saw tears leave his face.

Oh no, because then my tears started forming. "Oh you big sap. But if it makes you feel any better. I cried watching your mom walk down the isle and she shed one tear and wiped it away quickly not to ruin her makeup." My dad said and I laughed and we eventually approached the alter and Zayn smiled at me while whipping his eyes and my dad squeezed my hand before going to sit down next to my mom and Zayn's parents.

Who were all shedding tears for us.

We proceeded though.

When it came to our vows I went first because I knew that if I didn't I was going to be so broken down by what he says that I won't even be able to recover.

"Zayn from the first day I saw you I just knew that there was something about you. I mean we hadn't even met when I first saw you but that had to mean something since I already wanted you to be my husband." I said and he smiled. "I know that's a bit crazy but hey I ended up being crazy about you. With you I was able to actually understand what it actually took for me to be happy. It wasn't a Ferrari or a job paying 10 figures a year. It's so much more than that. It's a person who loves, cares for and supports you 110 percent on a personal level. Anybody can have anything in this world but there isn't another Zayn out there and I'm glad I got the only one. You've taught me what I hate most and that is being dependent. You made it so that it is alright to need help from someone and all that I have been struggling with within the past 2 years I needed all the help I can get, you're making me into a better me and I never knew I wanted that out of life until you showed me. You're helping me open doors that I shouldn't have to open alone and I can't thank you enough, I love you so much." I said a couple years falling from my face and he wiped them away and then he proceeded with his vows for me while smiling.

"I love you Niall. I love you like there is no tomorrow. I love you with every bone in my body, with every action I do, with every breathe I take. Being with you is the most exciting thing that has ever happen in my life. I always feel like you go through your life figuring out what you want to do, and settling into happiness when it finds you. Well I feel settled. I think that my journey for happiness is making one of its last stops here. Because I can recognize in my life what is permanent. And my love for you is, and that's never changing. My heart beats for you, it sings the greatest love song when I'm with you. I feel there is a never ending love with you and I want that forever. More than anyone could ever know. It's so hard to explain my love for you. It's like my lungs lose all air just talking about you. My mind lose all control just thinking about you. But my heart expands all while I'm with you. You just about kill me, but in the best way possible." He said and I started crying in the middle but it was so hard keeping it together because even he started crying.

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