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Fucking hate this 😂 I'm serious it's terrible. Oh god I can't believe myself.

I laid there in his arms. It was morning and I felt grossly happy. I knew they weren't Zayn's arms but they were Harry's arms and they held me tightly against his warm body.

I was grossed out though. Sex was amazingly terrible. I did it because that was a way to transfer energy. I wanted whatever I was feeling to go away and I accomplished that by sleeping with Harry.

I turned my body to face him and his eyes were half opened like he was trying to wake up.

"I'd die for you. I would have definitely ran in that burning building to save your life. I love you Harry. But we were not meant to be. This though was supposed to happen. This made me open my eyes. A chance is the possibility of something happening. With Zayn I took that chance and it was my fault. Trust was not as strong as it should've been in our relationship and I'll take responsibility. But not all of it. I was too beat up about it because of you but he loved me and it was an accident so I shouldn't disregard love." I said and and he leaned down and kissed my forehead.

"Go talk to Zayn." He said and let go of me.

"Acceptance." I said.

"Acceptance." he said nodding.

I got out of the bed and went to Josh's shower. I heard a door open and then I heard Harry's voice.

"No don't go in there. You're going to see Niall naked. Things got a little out of hand and we made a mistake. He's about to go make things right. But if you go in that bathroom while he's naked so help me god." I heard Harry say and I smiled.

Jealous spirit. That's still eye opening.

I got in the shower and washed up, washed my hair, wash my thoughts. I had a better mindset and I'm trying to have a positive out look on this but really how realistic is this. For me to wake up one day after sleeping with my ex the night before and realizing that I have to realize my boyfriend who cheated on me deserves a second chance.

That sounds so fucked up but that's so me. I'm a fucked up person, been screwed over by some fucked up people, and went through some fucked up shit so yeah.

I turned off the water and stepped out wrapping it around my waist and leaving out. Harry had set some clothes out for me so I dried off and put them on.

I left out the room and Harry was walking to the kitchen so I followed. I yelled 'boo' and he jumped so I laughed.

"I know I have to go but it would really make my day if you made me some breakfast." I said.

"Sure." He said and went in the fridge.

"Niall." Josh said.

"Josh." I said and he picked me up in a hug.

"Put him down Josh. Right now Josh." Harry said and I laughed.

"Haven't seen you in a while." I said.

"Yeah. Work. Vacation. You know. But I was surprised to see you here this morning." He said.

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