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I watched from afar as Niall got up and left. I've only just got here but it was enough to see the blond getting a hug from curly. As Niall left I walked towards the bench and sat down next to curly.

"Afternoon." I said and he turned right and blushed.

"Afternoon. S'pretty cold out here what are you doing out here?" He asked me.

"Observing." I said simply.

"Oh. We'll have you been observing me?" He asked flirtatiously.

"Unfortunately I just got here. Plus I kinda talk to someone." I said pulling out a fag.

"Oh." He said.

I flicked my lighter and lit the fag. I gave it a inhale then exhaled. "Yeah his names Niall, cute little blonde." I said and he raised his eyebrows.

"I know a Niall. What color are his eyes?" He asked me.

Ha. Let the games begin.

"A very gorgeous blue. He has pale skin that only takes a simple joke, kiss, or compliment to make him red. He's not a real blonde but I love his blend. He's a real positive guy." I said and I can practically see steam coming out his ears.

"He's my ex boyfriend. He moved on that fast." Harry said and I tried so hard not to laugh at him.

"Oh you're the cheating ex boyfriend Niall continuously went back too. Oh Louis told me about you. Just to let you know; You don't drop a diamond to pick up a rock." I said standing.

"I bet I can take you away from him." He said.

"You also have childish antics. Oh and I don't make bets I don't wanna make the loser feel bad." I said laughing.

"You obviously think Niall is going to be with you forever. He always comes back. Always." He said.

I smelled the envy in the air. The thick jealousy hanging off the trees. The passion filled anger lying on this very snow. It all radiated of this curly fella.

"Just one question. Before or after I entered his life? Because if you think he's going back to you you're a damn fool. Your last chance was my first. But that's all I need." I said laughing again about to walk away.

"M'names Zayn by the way." I said then walking away.

Haha SLAY!

I don't really have to worry about him taking what's not already mines. I walked back home feeling better. I made me some tea then sat down on my couch turning on the tv. I smiled. Perfectly content.


Later on that day I went out and I ran into Louis. We sat down in a cafe and spoke.

"So yeah I ran into Niall's ex boyfriend. He's very childish." I said and Louis laughed.

"I know. He needs a good ass kicking. How did the conversation go though?" He asked sipping his coffee.

"The reason I knew him in the first place was I saw him talking to Niall at the park. And then Niall left so I approached him. He flirted with me, I told him I was Niall's boyfriend, he said it wouldn't last and Niall would go back to him. I said his last chance was my first but that was all I needed. He was pissed." I said and Louis laughed high fiving me.

"Fuck yeah. He deserved that." Louis said.

"How bad of a guy was he?" I asked.

"He was just a really big cheater. The reason Harry was probably talking to Niall in the park was probably try to get him back but then no later than 15 minutes he's trying to flirt it up with you. He's okay but he is a ass." Louis said and I shook my head.

"Can you do me a favor?" I asked him.

"It depends on what it is." Louis said.

"Where is Niall?" I asked.

"My house." Louis said.

"Can you take me to your home?" I asked.

"What's your plan?" He asked standing.

"Let's walk and talk shall we?" I said and we walked out the coffee shop and to Louis house.

It was early afternoon. The sun was slowly lowering the sky. It's always beautiful even if the cold wind is hitting the shit out of my face. And that was always a bad thing in the winter. Daylight savings time.

I remember first seeing Niall in the park. But the first time we made contact was when he ordered a pizza and came to the door. I just so happened to be walking pass.

We climbed Louis' stairs and he pulled out his key opening the door.

This should be fun.

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