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[after the part where it says month later that's when Niall's POV starts]


"Perrie I don't know what you want me to say, you burned his house down, you want me to side with you. You are sick. I don't care if you meant for it to happen or not. The way you process things are fucked. You could have killed someone." I said and she was crying.

"Zayn I love you. I didn't mean to I honestly didn't." She said.

"I don't care Perrie! I don't. I don't love you. I stopped so long ago. I love Niall and you fucked him up. You burned his house down. Accident or not that's not something I could ever forgive you about." I said and the police showed up at the house and Niall let them in.

We pointed to Perrie and they started to read her her rights and she cried listening.

Niall hugged me after they left out. I pulled him close to me. He's been going through the hardest time. He began crying in my chest and I just rubbed his back.

"Shhh shhh. Things'll start looking up. I promise." I said kissing his forehead.


a month later

"I plead guilty your honor." Perrie said wiping the tears from her eyes and I didn't feel bad.

"You will be sentenced to 3 to 14 on account of arson with the intent of endangered life and cause of criminal damage, with probation. Court is adjourned." The judge set and banged the gable.

I grab all of my things and left. Zayn came and stood back next to me and as soon as we left the court I got on my phone and called Louis.

"I won my case, I can't help but to feel bad though. 3 to 14 years with probation." I said.

"You're too nice for your own good." He said. "She almost killed Harry. She came extremely close." Louis said.

"Yeah I guess you're right. No need for me to feel bad." I said.

"Well I'm happy that you won even though I knew you were because she pleaded guilty. But I have an appointment in a few minutes. I will be flying out to Chicago next. Hopefully it's not that hot here because LA is burning the fuck up." Louis said.

"It's not. But I understand. Love you Lou. Be safe." I said.

"Love you too. And I will!" He said and I hung up.

"You were so strong today muffin." Zayn said wrapping his arms around my waist from behind me.

"It's finally done. That's all I wanted. For this to be finished. I have a check coming in the mail for all the expensive stuff in my apartment that got burned down that was covered by insurance. And my face is clearing up because I was having a stress breakout. And I can finally update to my channel. A lot of stuff has happened in the last month and a half and I'm so happy that I am growing as a person an that I have had people by my side to help me with that." I said and Zayn kissed the side of my head.

"Of course baby." He said.

"Zayn can we get some food and go home?" I asked him.

"Yeah let's do that." He said and we went and got some Thai take out before going home.

I sighed sitting on the couch. "Zayn you're not doing anything later are you?" I asked him.

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