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Short story. It's very interesting because I've never told you guys but yes I performed at Hamilton, more like for them. It's was in Chicago (where I live) and it was a little contest booklet thing that selected schools had to fill out and we had to pick a time period and a event. And this was the first time they decided to do a show like this. So I won't go into details but me and two friends picked the Boston Tea Party and it was like a Loyalist vs Patriot thing and my other friend was a broadcaster and it was nice is was formatted like a poem and Joseph Morales (the one who plays Hamilton) recorded some of the performances and we got to sit up really close so because we performed so Chris Lee (who played Lafayette and Jefferson) gave us a big shout on stage and sent us kisses and even after the show Jose Ramos (the one who played John Lawrence and Philip Hamilton, a.k.a my mf man) came to us at the end of the show and I got a video with him and everything. He even put up a college on his Instagram page and I'm in it. But he was so beautiful. I loved him. Gah! We were even on the news. (That was long, so much for keeping it short) #EDUHAM

"I can't walk. You fucked me so hard Zayn." I said when he tried to get me out of the bed.

"Let's go to breakfast. Come on." He said pulling my arms.

"I'm telling you I can't walk." I said and he took the ring off my finger.

"Nooo." I said and tried to get up falling to the floor.

I whined and he picked me up and put the ring back on my finger.

"A for effort." He said and I kissed his cheek.

He walked me to the shower and stood me up. I held on to the wall. My legs felt like noodles. But he helped me wash up. He kissed my neck while he washed the front of me.

We got out the shower and I walked to the bedroom. I put on some clothes and he did too and we left. I pulled out my blogging camera.

"You guys know when people get married and they flaunt their ring for a long time? I finally get it. You won't see a picture without it. I'm so happy to be engaged to my love muffin." I said and Zayn leaned over and kissed my head.

"And hello loves." Zayn said to my snap.

"You guys have been so supportive of me and Zayn's relationship. I wanted to talk to you guys about it. I've felt... not compelled but I did feel like I should tell you guys that I appreciate all the support that you guys give to me and my relationship that I have with Zayn." I said.

"Yeah I always read the comments and I see you guys down there in the comment section. And I see Ziall everywhere. I feel the support and I'm showing you now that I'm marrying the fool. I know that you've seen us always being so lovely to each other. But I'm really feeling the love now. I'm definitely in the honeymoon phase." I said.

"Yeah all those love bites, me too." He said and I blushed.

"In case you didn't see them guys." I said and showed off my neck.

"He's crazy with his kisses. I love it." I said and we came to a red light and he kissed me a couple of times.

"I told you. Honey moon phase." I said smiling. "But guys we're going to breakfast. I would rather sleep in." I said.

"You have to feed our baby." He said.

"Zayn I wasn't going to tell them yet." I said fake scolding him.

"But now that the secrets out. Yes guys I'm pregnant." I said laughing showing my stomach and trying to stick it out as much as possible.

"I want twins." I said.

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