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I was sitting watching Niall try to put a hair tie around his short hair. He kept getting irritated because it wasn't long enough.

I smiled at him. "Maybe your hair isn't long enough yeah?" I said and he turned around to look at me frustrated.

"Put your hair in a bun." He said and I made a ponytail with my hand grabbing the hair tie on my wrist and making a bun.

"Not fair." He said.

I leaned down and pecked his lips. "Hand me a small elastic." I said and he did.

I made a tiny ponytail and smiled. He looked in a mirror smiling as well and touched it.

"I love it." He said and I pulled him off the floor and onto the couch with me.

"I have to talk to you about something." He said.

"Sure what." I said pulling him on my lap.

"I'm moving back into my house." He said.

"Well that's good. You and Harry found him a apartment?" I asked.

"That's the thing. We're going to be roommates–" he said but I cut him off.

"Wait holdup." I said. "What? Your ex for your roommate?" I asked.

"Yeah. He can't afford an apartment. And I'm not staying in a apartment. It's my house!" He said. "So we decided to be roommates. There is no hidden agenda. Me and Harry would never on gods green earth exist anymore." He said.

"But it's the principle. He's your ex." I said.

"But Perrie." He said.

"I don't live with Perrie." I said.

"Well I don't have anywhere to go. Where would you want me to go?" He asked pissed.

But I was the pissed one here. How could he even propose that.

"Stay with Louis." I asked.

"No!" He said getting off my lap. "That's not fair to Louis. He needs his own home. What if he wants to have guest over or have plans for the guest room. After a while you seem like a bother. Even to your best friend." He said.

"How is that fair to me?" I asked.

"How is that fair to you? What do you mean how's that fair to you? If you'd trust me then it wouldn't even matter now would it. I thought I was the one with the trust issues but it seems to me like you have some too." He said.

"I don't. But who does that?" I asked.

"Me! That's my house. And I don't care how much Harry fucked up me and his relationship I wouldn't dare kick him out with no where to go or not give him a place to lay his head when he's in need. Yes, he screwed me the fuck over but that's the kind of person I am. But if you will connect the dots that would be the main reason why I wouldn't sleep with him. Because I care about and love you. Because he screwed me over and couldn't give me the life I deserved so why would I go back to him? For anything?" He said loudly.

"There is always temptation Niall. And do you know how hard it would be to fight it because you live in the same house." I said.

"What temptation? I have no fucking temptation." He said. "So you must have temptation with Perrie but because you don't live with her temptation never leads anywhere hmm?" He asked.

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