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I smiled hugging the girl that was standing in front of me. She brought me sour patch kids which was nice because they were my favorite.

"I love you so much." She said.

"I love you too." I said and she smiled harder.

"And I'm sorry about you and Harry. I shipped Narry hard but your boyfriend is hotter and he seems friendlier." She said and I blushed looking over at Zayn who was trying to stuff all my candy in the bag smiling at my fans.

"He's not my boyfriend." I said.

"Niall Horan you're not fooling anyone. But I'm holding up the line. And here's a bracelet." I said and she handed me a bracelet.

"Thanks love." I said and put the bracelet on.

I met more and more fans who brought me a lot more candy. Well I did tell them that if we did meet up and they did want to get me something I said homemade accessories, or candy.

I felt a hand on my shoulder behind me and it scared me. I looked back to see Zayn.

"Yes?" I asked.

"I need to go get some more bags. The one I had got a hole in it and I see more and more candy coming through. What do you plan on being a diabetic by the end of this summer." He said and I laughed.

"Just go get the bags. Cloth ones might give you better results. And be careful. It's a lot of girls here. They like attractive men." I said and he laughed.

"Okay." He said and he carefully moved through the girls.

The line continued and my friend Connor came and sat down right next to me.

"You've got a beauty." He said.

"What?" I said, he was always so random.

"He's like a horse. You know. Wind in his hair as you drive with the windows down. Nice strong body structure. And I bet he's one hell of a ride." He said and I laughed understanding that he was talking about Zayn.

"He's not my boyfriend. We've never had sexual intercourse and we live in London. It's cold there and we'd be fools to ride with the windows down." I said.

"The relationship is there. I know. And it's Frantastic." He said.

"You know who you should go bother? Troy. Talk to him about his song. Tell him I love it." I said and gave him a good push.

When Zayn came back he was doing pretty good with keeping the candy under control. He even vlogged me.

"I can braid way faster than you." A fan said.

"You wanna challenge that." I said and she nodded.

"Zayn come, please." I said.

He came and sat down next to me. "Yes?" He asked.

"I need to braid your hair." I said.

"Is this a challenge?" He asked.

"Of course." I said and we grabbed two chairs.

One for her friend and one for her. Her friend and Zayn's hair was about the same length. So yeah. We're doing corn rolls.

I had a boy vlog this and another girl time is both. We were supposed to do 3 each. What she doesn't know is I used to braid Harry's hair all the time. So yah I'm about to kick her ass. I grabbed one of the combs one of the fans gave me. It was a weird gift but handy.

"Ready. Set. Go!" The girl yelled be i parted his hair and started.

"Whoa. Niall what you're called is heavy handed." Zayn said and me including a couple girls laughed.

I just continued. Then the crowd got bigger and they were cheering on Amy but they were also cheering me on.

"Done!" I yelled removing my hands from Zayn's hair.

"Frick." The girl beside me said as she removed her hands.

"Ding ding ding. We have our winner." A boy vlogging yelled.

A girl came over and held up my hand. "Niall Horan everyone is our 2015 Youtube corn roll champ. Congratulations." A girl said and they went wild.

I laughed. See this is why I love doing what I do. Making people smile and happy.


"Ugh I am exhausted." I said plopping down on the bed.

"Well yeah. You hugged and kissed people. People behind the scenes get no recognition." Zayn said dragging my bag of candy in.

"You do. Trust me they were talking about you to me. They thought you were my boyfriend. Said I upgraded." I said.

"Well you did." He said and I blushed.

He came over and he laid next to me. I rolled over on him and I looked at his eyes.

"You know you have beautiful eyes." I said and he wrapped his arm around my waist and rolled over.

He was in between my legs and my legs locked his hips in place.

"I've been told." He said biting his lip.

I leaned in capturing his lips with mine. His hand was gently placed on my cheek in the process. My hands placed them self on his back and crept their way up his shirt.

His tongue licked at his bottom lip and who was I to deny. So I let him in and he swirled his with mines. I pulled my hands from under his shirt and brung them to his hair. I moaned when he messaged his tongue with mines.

He pulled away. And just looked at me. I even tried to kiss him again.

"What're you doing? C'mon ravish me." I said and he laughed.

"I will when you're ready." He said and I looked at him confused.

"What more do I have to show you to prove I am ready." I said.

"This is the spur of the moment." He said trying to get up but I wrapped my hands around his neck.

"Well let it just be the spur of the moment." I said.

"You'll forget." He said.

"Oh no I won't." I said pulling him back against my lips.

"Can't trust it." He said talking against my lips.

"Fine but please let's finish kissing." I said and we continued.

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