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Lmao you guys are gonna hate me.

The ice wasn't hard and I fell through. Just like I thought I was going to. I opened my eyes and it was dark and I saw nothing. It was such a distraction. Being underwater for so long. The coldness piercing my skin. The darkness being undeniably creepy. The consciousness I was starting to fade in and out of due to my lungs not being exposed to enough oxygen.

I went up to breath but then back down. Who knew. I put my hands in front of me  and they were blurry but I could see them. There were no worries down here. Down here I didn't have any problems. Up there is all just a beautiful lie. But down here. It's just the painful truth. Just like life and life after death. It's all different.

Up. Breathe. Back down. The water started to feel so welcoming and not even that cold. The darkness started to become so comfortable and not that eerie. The consciences became so blurring that I didn't know if I was still drifting in and out or if I was just unconscious.

I went up and grabbed the bottom of the bridge and breathed. It's like you have to come up ever other minute to hear a lie because it's so beautiful and it'll have you thinking you have everything figured out. And everything is so magical. Then I let go. But then you meet the truth and it wasn't what you expected at all. And it hurts even though you should know . You're supposed to know better.  But you can't because it's so relaxing and makes you happy. But the truth is it wasn't what it seems so just get over it.

This time I didn't go up. My lungs felt pierced and the felt like they were drying out and becoming shriveled.

I didn't go up.

But I was pulled up. By someone. They pulled me up and I coughed breathing as they dragged me up to the grass. I looked up and saw Liam.

"Niall how did you fall in?" He asked.

"I jumped." I said before passing out.


I was put in a ambulance. "Sir why'd you jump?" He asked.

"It was the truth. I love love. And if it's always a lie then why stay in a lie when I could have the truth." I said.

"Because that's death." She said.

I hunched on the gurney. "So be it." I said and I blacked out again.

I was being rushed into a hospital. "Lack of oxygen to the brain." Someone said.

"It's called the truth. This beautiful thing that people swim in for fun is the reason why I'm drifting in and out of consciousness. It's the truth. Set it free." I said.

"Sir do you have any emergency contacts.

"Let me go." I said.

"Do you have any emergency contacts?" She asked.

"Ask Liam." I said and blacked out against.

I laid in a hospital bed and I could only tell it was the next day because the light outside my window. Someone walked in with scrubs on and she saw I was awake and walked right back out. She walked back in and a man with a white coat came in and checked my vitals.

"Can I be released?" I asked.

"Yes as soon as your friend signs the forum saying he'll be with you for 72 hours so you won't try to kill yourself again." The doctor said.

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