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Because this photo shows how different they are. And why they should be the cutest opposite attracts couple ever. I would've used this for 'Yin Yang' but that books complete.

-it's short-

I headed out. It was around 7:30 now and I was supposed to pick him up at 8. I do have a car. I just choose to walk and to save gas and to help out the environment. But anyways I pulled out of the driveway of my house and started to make my way to Louis' house.

I didn't ask why Niall was staying at Louis'. Maybe because they were roommates. Or Harry kicked him out of his house. Whatever the case is I don't really care. Not to be rude or anything.

I pulled outside of Louis house and walked up to the door. I rung the doorbell and Niall came to the door with a white shirt, leather jacket, skinny legged pants and black and white and black converse.

"Damn you look good." I said and I looked up to see him blush.

"Thank you. Likewise." He said.

We went down to my car and he climbed in.

"This is clean." He said and I smiled as he looked at my car.

"Thanks. I don't really use it often." I said.

"Tree hugger." Niall said and I nodded pulling off.

"Where are we going?" He asked.

"A nice restaurant" I said.

"Is what I have on ok?" He asked and I nodded.

When we pulled up to the restaurant I got out and he followed. We walked in and were quickly seated. I was a bit surprised. I've ever only been in here a few times and it's usually a hefty amount of people.

The waitress came and asked for drinks and gave us menus.

"It is nice in here. I'm glad there's not a lot of people. I'm claustrophobic. I can only withstand a crowd at football games and concerts." Niall said.

"That's nice to know." I said and he scanned over his menu.

I already knew what I was getting. This restaurant is fancy but not too fancy. It's like 3 1/2 stars. You can wear jeans and get lobsters. It's great actually.

The waitress came back with our drinks and I ordered for myself and Niall order after me.

"Why have I never been to this place?" Niall asked.

"Louis said you're a Nandos addict." I said and he blushed.

I whispered. "It's okay I am too." And he smiled.

"I think that you are the love of my life." He said and we laughed.

We continued to talk until the food got here. When I say Niall can put it away. Niall could put it away. I smiled drinking my drink.

"That was amazing." He said.

"Do you want dessert?" I asked handing him the tiny dessert menu.

"It's like you know me like the back of your hand." Niall said and I laughed finishing up my food.

"What would you recommend?" He asked.

"The chocolate fondue. It comes with fruit, marshmallows, and chocolate chip cookie dippers." I said and it's like he just melted like a popsicle.

"You don't understand how amazingly wonderful that sounds." He said with a deep passion.

"You really love food." I said and he nodded.

When she came back she took the dessert order and cleared our plates.

"I have 3 piercings. My back dimples and my belly button." Niall said.

"Belly piercings are hot. And I have 4. Both ears, left cartilage, and tongue." I said.

"So what the story behind the tongue one. I've heard so many dirty ones." He said and I laughed.

"You know people say that they are for a good sexual experience but I got mines in college maybe when I was drunk. But I love it." I said.

"Let me see." He said.

"I don't have it in." I said.

"Wow bummer." He said.

"You should show me your belly piercing when we get out of here." I said and he blushed.

"I don't want you to eye fuck me or..... Yeah nvm." He said blushing and I laughed.

The lady came back to the table and sat down the fondue with the other platter of things to dip in the platter. I picked a strawberry first.

I dipped it in the chocolate, let it harden and then took a bite.

"Strawberries are very seductive fruit." Niall said and I smiled taking another bite.

I saw him text someone then put his phone away. He then dipped the little cookie in the chocolate.

"Have you watched any of my YouTube videos?" He asked.

"I have. My favorite might be the smoothie challenge with Casper." I said.

"I almost puked on him." Niall said.

"I know." I said and we both laughed.

When we finished up desert I paid for the bill.

We had minimum to no talk while I drove him home. But it was comfortable.

When I reached Louis house. I got out and walked him to the door. What a cliché moment.

"Thanks for dinner." Niall said just standing by the door.

"It was my pleasure." I said and he unlocked the door but didn't go in.

I kissed his cheek softly then pulled away. "Goodnight, love." I said and turned around.

"Wait." He said so I turned back around to face him.

He smiled and grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and pulled me forward so that my lips met his.

It was short and sweet. He let me go. "Goodnight. Text me when you get in." He said then went in the house.

I might have just looked like a dumb nut standing there for 2 minutes until I pulled myself together and went back to my car.

I'm thinking things over and I'm going to turn that Ziall picture above for one of my story covers.

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