Chapter Two

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Chapter two:
The dream

My eyes flutter open and I blink, sleep still wanting to take over. I look around and realised that this wasn't the kitchen.

The last thing I remember doing yesterday was that I ate a lot of berries..

A yawn escaped my lips and I stretch out, feeling a bit refreshed.

An untouched Oran berry layed beside me and I made a dive for it, chewing it happily.

I always liked morning snacks!

I look around the room. Various colors and pokémon designs decorated the walls, making the room look vibrant. A T.V. was set on a wall and a Wii U was placed underneath it, along with a couple of controllers. The ceiling was painted blue, like the skies.

Ash must have moved me here when I fell asleep..

I felt someone stir beside me and I giggled.


I turn around to face him, still in his shiny Eevee form. I'm surprised he can keep his illusion up this long and while he's still asleep.

I looked at his face. His were eyes closed, his breathing even. He would have looked peaceful if his eyebrows weren't furrowed and if he didn't grit his teeth. He looked like he was having a nightmare..

Placing the half eaten Oran berry beside me, I shook him lightly. "Mewtwo.. wake up.."

That sorta did the trick of making his nightmare disappear. His eyebrows weren't furrowed anymore but he still kept that stern asleep face.

I sigh and continue eating my berry, savoring its taste.

I wonder what Mewtwo's dreaming about..

I shake my head at the idea of peeping into what was in his head.

Finishing the berry, I stand up and head back into the kitchen for another Oran berry-morning snack, also planning to bring some back for him.


My feet stepped on cold, damp grass as I walk through the lush forest. Sunlight rays peeped through the leaves above. Skyscraper-sized trees surrounded me, their roots popping out of the ground. Pidgeys twitter around happily.

It's so peaceful..

The sound of a flowing river nearby relaxed me. I inhaled and felt oxygen and a little bit of water vapor fill my lungs, satisfying me.

Everything was so peaceful until I blinked.

The whole scenario changed. I was now standing on top of a tall building, looming over a bustling city.


A brown cape was flowing freely behind me, adding some dramatic effect.

A deep, monotone, emotionless chuckle reverberates through the area and my eyes widen when I realised it was my voice.

I blinked.

Now the city was in ruins, completely destroyed. Fire was everywhere, as big as ever. The buildings collapsed, large chunks of glass and concrete in it's place. The streets were cracked open, the cracks as big as canyons. Taking in the whole scenario in front of me, my chest tightened.

Who.. Who would do such things?

'This is a dream. This is a dream.' I kept on repeating in my head.

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