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Ho-oh sat across to me, his multicolored wings folded majestically behind his back and with his head high, he looked at me with pure irritation shown in those amber eyes.

"You had disobeyed the rules Mewtwo. And since I am assigned as leader of the legendary council, it is my duty to carry out the first part of your punishment assigned by Arceus." He says calmly along with a quiet, tired sigh.

I say nothing and just sneer at his weariness. That's what you get if you are assigned with such responsibility.

And since he was too tired to defend his mind, I can't help but hear his wandering thoughts. 'And I still have to talk to Rayquaza about the Ozone layer. Humans these days..'

He accidentally gives out a yawn but quickly covers it with a fake cough, and looked at me to see if I saw. I pretended not to notice and he sighs in relief, straightening himself up even more to look superior.

I scoff, rolling my eyes. Pride.

I look around. The walls were made of quartz, somehow radiating off a light glow. The shiny golden tiles under my feet looked like they could blind someone. An enormous golden chandelier floated above us. The ceiling reached to the skies.

Ho-oh clears his throat, trying to catch my attention but I did not acknowledge it. Instead, I just looked around more and focused my gaze on the nearest hanging potted plant bush.

In my peripheral vision I saw him glaring at me for some intimidation. This, I did not acknowledge either, which ticked him off. Mentally, I chuckled to myself.

He gave up on trying to catch my attention and spoke instead. "This punishment of yours requires you to take an oath."

My attention was back on him and I furrow my brows.

A piece of old parchment appeared from nowhere and Ho-oh unrolls it. Before he could even say a word, I cut him off.

"I do not need to say such speech to promise that I will follow the instructions needed to do to fulfill my part of this.. 'punishment'." I say, crossing my arms.

Ho-oh rolls his eyes. "I never said that I don't trust that you would not comply to the agreement. The oath is just for legitimacy."

I purse my lips. "I am not going to dedicate anything over words on a worn out, centuries old, piece of parchment."

We just glare at each other, testing to see who would back out.

Ho-oh finally sighs and places a wing on his forehead, irritated with my defiance. "Fine. I won't make you do the oath. I'll find another way to bind you to the punishment."

I smile triumphantly. "Good."

He looks at me with concern. "But I'm warning you Mewtwo. You aren't going to like it. Are you sure?"

"Yes. Just do it." I say irritatingly.

"I think you mean NIKE."

I look at him in confusion.

He chuckles. "It's a brand of clothing among humans. And if you remember their slogan, you can get my joke."

Now I know why Deoxys always teases Ho-oh about his bad jokes.

"That, was a terrible joke." I deadpan.

He sighs. "I know.."

"You actually study human society?" I inquire.

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