Chapter Three

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A/N: So, i lost my motivation to write, but not exactly. School. Yes, that. That's the reason, but I'll be fine. I do plan on finishing all my currently written books, but i also do want to post books for other fandoms too, even though they're practically dead. Anyway, i hope you enjoy!


Chapter three:
Catching up

"Mew, no."

"Mewtwo, yes"

"I am NOT going to put this 'makeup' on my face!" I purse my lips and glare at Mew, who was fumbling with a small black bag.

"Yes you are! You made a promise two-two!" She says and pulls out a small black tube, a white circle, and a black, watercolor-like container. I warily look at the unfamiliar things and back away as she fumbled more with the black bag.

"Dammit", I grumbled in reply. This is why i hate making promises.

I looked around the room and groaned when I couldn't find a window big enough for me to escape through.

Mew pulls out a small red cushion, a white tube and a nude colored toothbrush. At this, I felt nervous.

What are those for?!

My eyes found the door and I darted for it. When the knob didn't turn, I groaned. "Turn open you!"

Mew just giggles behind me and I grit my teeth. "Dum dum! Why do you think I locked it in the first place?"

I sigh and turn around to find her sitting on a chair with all the things she pulled out earlier cleanly lined up beside her. She motions me to sit on a big pillow beside her with her tail. "Come on! I won't bite!"

I did a last turn to the knob but it wouldn't budge an inch. I look at her skeptically. She just giggles. "Just come sit down. I won't hurt you!"

I groan and walk to her. She won't open the door if I won't obey.

I sit on the fluffy pillow and patiently wait for her instructions. 'Why did i have to do this again?' I ask myself as i see her fly up, making us equal in eye-level.

"Ok Mewtwo, I need you to stay still during the whole time I'm doing this." She says and smiles. "Got it?"

I huff and look at the door do I look like I have a choice?"

She snaps her fingers. "That counts as a yes in my book!"

She flies up to my face anyway and moves my head around using her tail. She draws imaginary lines in the air and smiles evilly.

She opens the white tube, and I saw a nude colored stick in it. "Okay, we should start with the.. wait no."

She pouts. "Today's your lucky day, Mewtwo. I can't place the foundation on your face since its so pale."

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