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Champion (An Aureliashipping Story) by Jayvaughn123
Champion (An Aureliashipping Story)by Baka!
A young boy named Ash Ketchum just finished up his journey through the Alola region, and stayed up a little bit there, until, an invitation letter has arrived, what coul...
Pokemon: The Aura Guardian Strikes Back by nethertube
Pokemon: The Aura Guardian Strikes...by Jesus Himself
Ash had just come Runner-Up in the Lumiose Conference, and decides to head on back to Pallet Town with Pikachu, not realizing for what is in store for him ahead. He fi...
Pokemon Wizard  by YaoiYurishipper
Pokemon Wizard by Yaoilover1827
What if Ash remembered his previous life as a wizard? What if he remembered he was Antioch Peverell? How would it change the Pokemon world if he had magic? Would it make...
Reincarnated Into The Pokemon World by Jayvaughn123
Reincarnated Into The Pokemon Worldby Baka!
An otaku man in the age of 25 had a car accident, he died on the spot with his body lifeless on the ground. He was so sure he would be dead that time but no, he woke up...
The Undercover Pokemon Teacher by Jayvaughn123
The Undercover Pokemon Teacherby Baka!
Years have passed, no one still knows whose the current Kanto and Alola Champion, they say the two regions have the same champion, but they didn't knew the trainer profi...
The Mysterious Boy [An Ash / Pokemon Story] by Jayvaughn123
The Mysterious Boy [An Ash / Pokem...by Baka!
Thanks again to @MinunAmour for the awesome cover! I really appreciate this! You're really the best! A certain boy in a certain school was known as the 'mysterious train...
My Pokemon journey....Kanto by x_hatchet_x
My Pokemon journey....Kantoby Sarah
Join (Y/n) Ketchem and friends on their exciting Pokemon journey. Finished *edited* It's NOT perfect, I did the best I could do, if you don't like it DONT READ IT! not...
Small beginnings big dreams (Book #1) (UNDER CONSTRUCTION/REVAMP) by MartyMcFly12345
Small beginnings big dreams (Book...by MartyMcFly12345
"This is madness! Pure madness!" "It's salvation. The world does not understand the things that will make it... complete." "To think I used to t...
Ash's New Life by outlander234
Ash's New Lifeby Queen Chrysalis
Ash has always had the worst luck when it comes to being attacked by extremely powerful Pokémon moves, weather it be Mewtwo and Mew turning him to stone by accident, bei...
Pokemon Kalos High | Ash's Big Secret by TheEmeraldPizza
Pokemon Kalos High | Ash's Big Sec...by Alex Ratliff
Ash is a normal boy going to kalo- I take that back! He is anything but normal! He is actually the chosen one, half arceus, and an Aura Guardian! But what happens when h...
Mystery of a betrayed Aura by HopeIngram
Mystery of a betrayed Auraby Hope Ingram
Also on my Quotev account. So you all have heard of Ash getting betrayed and becoming a pokemon master but what if he became a pokemon. No I'm not talking about a legen...
Pokemon x Reader by PokeManaic
Pokemon x Readerby Fighting Spirit
For the people who want to get even closer to their Pokemon partners! Requests are always open! Comments and votes are appreciated!
Ash ketchum.... a normal boy. He had friends, cared for his Pokemon and had a happy go lucky personality.... atleast that's s what his friends thought.As ash ketchum's...
Living in the Shadows by Grown30
Living in the Shadowsby J. B. Naylor-Wilson
Jenna is a young lady. She lives with her overbearing (and overprotective) grandfather in his mansion. Eleven years ago her parents disappeared without a trace. Her only...
Pokémon: The Legendary Protector by Duppup8
Pokémon: The Legendary Protectorby •AnxietyAttack•
While Ash was heading back to Pallet Town after their defeat in the Kalos region, Latios appears. With Latias not being with Latios, Ash assumes that Latias is in troubl...
The Legend Born by SkylordsFTW
The Legend Bornby SkyLordsFTW 2.0
Name-Hawke Age-17 Gender-Male Eye Color-Sky Blue Hair Color-Black Description-He prefers to avoid people,which is very strange for a 17 year old.Has a strange scar on hi...
I'm No Hero ~Pokémon Watty Awards Winner 2K16~ by Alphanix
I'm No Hero ~Pokémon Watty Awards...by S. Winter
***POKEMON WATTY AWARDS WINNER 2K16 IN MISC. SECOND PLACE*** Yveltal is gone. When a mysterious force starts taking legendary Pokemon, the Pokemon World is spiraled out...
Broken Souls by ChronaLilly
Broken Soulsby Chrona "Chrona" Lilly
For all of us with Hearts of Gold. ((BOOK 3 OF THE HEARTS OF GOLD TRILOGY))
My Journey In My Own Way by PokemonIsLife319
My Journey In My Own Wayby Jherico De Torres
The story is all about Ash's journey from Kanto to Alola. But in the Author's way. From there, he will meet friends that he will encounter through his journey. It will s...