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Distorted Reality: A RWBY x Male Giratina Reader by Bluebleo
Distorted Reality: A RWBY x Male G...by Author Man
Y/N Giratina, one of the first creatures to ever exist. He's been around since the beginning of everything, and has seen his brother create everything. His brother...Arc...
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Distorted Remnant: A Remake of "Distorted Reality" by Bluebleo
Distorted Remnant: A Remake of "Di...by Author Man
Y/n Giratina is one of the oldest creatures alive. He has been around since the beginning of time, when his sister created everything. His sister... Arceus. Y/n hated he...
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Ripples in Our Love (Lucario x Braixen) [Pokemon] by Eevees_Closet
Ripples in Our Love (Lucario x Bra...by Mewtwo
The day that Solus decided to leave his crooked home-life marked the start of a new adventure. Follow Solus, a timid Riolu, as he embarks on a journey full of friends, f...
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Legendary Pokemon X Reader One-Shots by GrandGrimoire
Legendary Pokemon X Reader One-Sho...by Prometheus
Hi Peoples! Just So You Know This Includes: Dialga, Arceus, Kyurem, The Swords Of Justice, Zekrom, Reshiram,Palkia, Mewtwo, Cobalion, Deoxys, Latios, Keldeo, and Heatra...
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Living in the Shadows by Grown30
Living in the Shadowsby J. B. Naylor-Wilson
Jenna is a young lady. She lives with her overbearing (and overprotective) grandfather in his mansion. Eleven years ago her parents disappeared without a trace. Her only...
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Pokémon: Dawn's Sinnoh Adventures! by JustBluePanda
Pokémon: Dawn's Sinnoh Adventures!by Sonic Genesis
Dawn Berlitz, a 14 year old girl from Twinleaf Town sets off on a journey to travel Sinnoh alongside her Pokémon. Beginning with dreams of becoming a top coordinator lik...
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Pokemon: The Evil Mastermind by Rajatava77
Pokemon: The Evil Mastermindby Rajatava77
An evil mastermind is roaming around and trying to destroy the Pokemon world forever! Nobody knows who the mastermind is but he/she even has one empire and have many leg...
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Punishment by LunaCurse10_5_11
Punishmentby Samsy
***** Mewtwo made a mistake, and is now in a punishment he has never expected. This punishment, however, changed everything. ***** I know I'm not the best in making desc...
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Human!Pokemon x Readers{ON HOLD} by LakeWilliams
Human!Pokemon x Readers{ON HOLD}by Lake
Just a bunch of Pokemon x Readers that I wanted to write. There are a lot out there, so I was like why not?
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Guardians Of The World [Pokemon Fan Fiction] by Heartless029
Guardians Of The World [Pokemon Fa...by Hatred
Team Shadow, an evil group whose goal is to conquer the world by any means, did something terrible. They sacrifice the lives of the pokemon to a ritual in order to open...
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Pokemon: ReTime by DarkJoyLight
Pokemon: ReTimeby David Joy
Okay Ash was sure that he was the world did not ended and that the legendary Pokemon, the Creator of Pokemon alongside the Creation Trio were not in front of him. He was...
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A Spirit's Journey (Pokemon Watty Awards 2014 3rd Place Winner: Adventure) by RolftheAbra
A Spirit's Journey (Pokemon Watty...by Rolf
A story, you say? Well, I know a few of those. Some of them are about me, and some of those are even true. This one's one of my favorites. It's how I came to be the Abso...
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Everyone Falls Sometimes (Mewtwo x Mew) by GalladeMaster_68
Everyone Falls Sometimes (Mewtwo x...by Gallade
Evil corporation, broken land...this was the life of a particular, unlucky creature. With a heart sent on a quest to strike revenge against his wrongdoers, he's determin...
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The Nightmare Bringer by KanrishaN3K0mata
The Nightmare Bringerby Kanrisha N3K0mata
Nightmares have been spreading all over japan.It has been occuring on certain days or locations. what will the three factions do as they try to unravel the mystery behin...
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I'm No Hero ~Pokémon Watty Awards Winner 2K16~ by Alphanix
I'm No Hero ~Pokémon Watty Awards...by S. Winter
***POKEMON WATTY AWARDS WINNER 2K16 IN MISC. SECOND PLACE*** Yveltal is gone. When a mysterious force starts taking legendary Pokemon, the Pokemon World is spiraled out...
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Hoenn's New Crisis (Pokémon Fanfiction) by Latios25
Hoenn's New Crisis (Pokémon Fanfic...by Latios25
Tyler's life turned upside down when his father was arrested on his 11th birthday. All of their name, fame and property was lost after the arrest. Three years after all...
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Mewtwo & Lucario : Brothers Apart by Canary_X
Mewtwo & Lucario : Brothers Apartby Canary_X
Mewtwo was created in a laboratory, to become the ultimate Pokemon. Lucario lost his master, & wondered the world alone. These two were placed in the same beginnings...
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The Guardian Order by HexTheOmega
The Guardian Orderby HexTheOmega
When trouble, that is beyond the control of the citizens of the world, arises there's a group who works from the shadows. They operate outside the law, swiftly and with...
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Bad Liar 《SatoHika》 by SkullPearlQueen
Bad Liar 《SatoHika》by Queen of Angst™
SLOW UPDATES 《Summary inside the story.》
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Darkrai's Journal by VenustheBrave
Darkrai's Journalby Venus Butterfly
Darkrai writes in his journal