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Punishment by LunaCurse10_5_11
Punishmentby Samsy
***** Mewtwo made a mistake, and is now in a punishment he has never expected. This punishment, however, changed everything. ***** I know I'm not the best in making desc...
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Everyone Falls Sometimes (Mewtwo x Mew) by GalladeMaster_68
Everyone Falls Sometimes (Mewtwo Gallade
Evil corporation, broken land...this was the life of a particular, unlucky creature. With a heart sent on a quest to strike revenge against his wrongdoers, he's determin...
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The Ghost at the Doorstep (PWA 2019) by Eevees_Closet
The Ghost at the Doorstep (PWA Mewtwo
After three gruesome months of waiting for her mate to return home from his 'journey to save the world', Mew finds her tranquility alas whenever the time of his arrival...
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