Acknowledgements & Authors Note

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30th July 2017

So here we are, at the end of the story. 

Thank you for reading Shelter In Your Love. Thank you for reading all this way - it is a long story and I am utterly overwhelmed by how much people have taken this story into their hearts. I am amazed, completely, by how many of you have read it and continue to read it. All your comments and messages have kept me going while I was writing it and I love hearing your opinions and thoughts. I hope the ending didn't disappoint you. 

Many people have sent me lovely messages during the two and a half years I've been writing this story. I appreciate every single one and your encouragement and feedback has been immeasurably helpful and amazing. 

While I was writing Shelter In Your Love it was voted Best Story and Best George Harrison in @mistinthemirror's Classic Rock Awards (2017). Thank you to everyone who voted and/or nominated it. I am still shocked and stunned that it won! 

Thank you to my little sister @kerbabbyroad aka Katie, for her consultancy on all things to do with Bobbie's birth (!) and also for providing a big portion of the Minnie/Hannah relationship (lol). This story is dedicated to you, our kid, but I'm not going to tell you that. You'll have to read it here yourself. (Or shock horror, actually read the story one day!) 

Thank you to the doctor who advised on Hannah's medical condition and procedures too. (Haha, yes, I did that!) 

I want to thank @leighgee for her help beta reading the occasional chapter or passage at various times and thank you @kiwi747 for all her encouragement, particularly these last few days of writing - it's been emotional! 

I will close now before I turn in to a blubbering mess, akin to Hannah James/West/Harrison, and finally mark this story as complete - but before I let you all go, what I thought might be an idea is if anyone has any questions about anything - characters, settings, plots twists or any of the (many, I'm sure!) plot holes, if you'd like to leave them here, I thought I would do a Q&A type thingie and post it next Sunday (as I don't have anything else to write now! *sniff*) 

Finally, thank you to George himself, whom this story is also dedicated to, with love and respect. Thank you for being my muse, Georgie! I love you! xx 

 Thank you for being my muse, Georgie! I love you! xx 

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