109. I Don't Want To Do It

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A/N: Adult issues discussed ahead!

Come back into my arms again,

This love of ours, it has no end,

I don't want to do it,

I don't want to make you cry.

'George! GEORGE!!' I yell, bursting out of the pub, startling a man sheltering in the doorway. Somewhere behind me I can hear Jimmy calling my name, but he can't catch up with me. It was easier for me to get through the crowd, I just screamed Let me through, I'm pregnant!! and everyone parted like the Red Sea for Moses. Jimmy, hindered by Adam, got caught up in it.

'Have you seen... Did someone come past you wearing a coat and um.... Which way did he go?' I ask the man in the doorway, desperately.

He shakes his head at me, eyes wide, confused.

'He has long, dark brown hair, and he's five foot, ten-ish and he looks...' ...exactly like Beatle George.

'I'm sorry, love. I just got here. I never saw anyone.'

'Never mind, thank you,' I say and squeeze myself and my bump past him as Jimmy arrives, throwing the pub door open, squashing the poor shelterer with it.

'Sorry, mate,' he says to him. 'Hannah, where are you going?'

'George,' I say, haplessly, standing in the middle of the pavement, the rain quickly covering my dress with dark splodges. 'It was George! He was there, next to the stage. Didn't you see him?'


'George! He was there, in the pub. Just now. He was just... there.'

Jimmy looks at me like I've flipped. I'm starting to think I might have too. I've been waiting, expecting, for George to come and find me, so much so I've started imagining him, seeing him the faces of passersby or... or crowds in pubs. A week ago, I thought I saw him going into a shop in town. I hurried after him but it turned out to be a skinny teenager who looked nothing like George when I caught up with him.

'Come back inside, you're getting soaked,' Jimmy says.

'I've got to find him.' I look one way then the other. The streets are deserted, not even any cars going past.

'Look, love, why don't you wait until the morning before you go? Then I'll come with you if you like.'

I was about to take matters into my own hands. It didn't appear that George was planning on coming to me, so I was going to find him. I planned on going today, a special date - George's birthday and the anniversary of the day we met. I should have left earlier but Ben, the pub landlord, begged me to do one last Friday night here. I agreed, provided I could cut it to a thirty minute set in the early evening, leaving me just enough time to drive home for George's birthday - arriving hopefully after all the household staff had left for the day and it could just be me and him. We have a lot of things to talk about.

Events over the last day or so have disrupted my plans.

'I don't think you should be driving at night by yourself,' Jimmy continues. 'It's not safe.'

'I don't need to go anymore,' I say quietly. 'He's here. In Liverpool.'

Jimmy frowns, his face illuminated by the solitary light over the pub door. 'Are you sure?'

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