5. From The Moment I Saw You

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I've loved you from the moment I saw you,
You looked at me, that's all you had to do.

The boys left for Scotland the next day so I didn't get to see George again for nearly two weeks - almost long enough for me to talk myself out of it all together.

They came back from Scotland on the Sunday and I met up with George that night at the Odeon near to Penny Lane. We went to see Pillow Talk, with Doris Day and Rock Hudson in it. The cinema used to play a lot of Hammer Horror films then, and George had suggested we saw one of those, telling me he'd look after me if I got scared. Horror films have never frightened me all that much. Real life is far more scary. I can't remember much about the film. I spent the whole time stealing looks at George sat next to me, wondering if he was looking at me. Afterwards, it was late and George wanted to walk me home but I wouldn't let him - instead I saw him to the bus stop so he could catch the late night bus back to Speke.

I'd been terrified that we'd be 'discovered'. Somehow word would get back to Dad that I'd been out with him and that would have been that. So I held my breath, and... nothing happened. As time went on I got bolder and started seeing him more and more. Over the start of Summer we fell into a routine of going to the cinema and coffee bars or just for walks. We had to fit it in around the band's gigs - they were out playing in the Wirral or Wallasey throughout June, plus since George had quit his job and I still couldn't find one, we never had any money. 

Of course as soon as somethings going well, there's always someone or something just around the corner, waiting to rain on the parade and Minnie decided she was going to be that raincloud. One Friday afternoon in July it decided to pour down. I'd been to Calderstones Park to meet George but after a while of sheltering in a leaky bandstand, we'd decided to go home and dry off.

Minnie was waiting in the kitchen at the back of our house when I got home. 'It's chucking it down out there,' I said to her, as I shook the excess rainwater from the brolly on the doorstep of the back door. 

Minnie leaned against one of the work tops, her arms folded over her middle. 'Mmm,' she said, sounding distracted.

'Typical British summertime.' 

'Yeah,' she agreed, disinterested.

'What?' I asked, noticing her tone. 'What's happened?' I closed the door.

She shook her head. 'Nothing. Nothing out of the usual.' 


'Not here.' 

'What is it then?'

'You've been to see George again.' 

It was more of a statement than a question, but I didn't pick up on that then. I just smiled like a idiot. I couldn't help but break into huge grins whenever someone mentioned him. 'Yeah, at the park, but we were getting rather soggy...' 

She returned my smile faintly. 'You're spending a lot of time with him. 

'Yeah, I suppose so. Do you want a cup of tea?' I started filling the kettle. 

'You know, you shouldn't really get so attached --'

I turned around to her, kettle in hand, 'It was you who said I should go out with him in the first place!' I said, overly defensive.  

Minnie took a short sigh and slid into the chair at the kitchen table. 'Yeah, go out with him, have some fun. I didn't say fall in love with him...' 

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