Justin's POV

New Years Eve Promise

Just 10 more hours until the New Year is here. Twist and Za will be coming on tour with us. Ryan can't, he's going somewhere with his girlfriend, but he's going to be here to see us.

"Justin." I hear Y/n's voice downstairs.


"I need to ask you a question." I stand up, going downstairs and see her in the kitchen with her back turned to me.

"Okay, what is it?"

"Do you think because the crew haven't seen me in so long will remember me?" Still with her back turned to me, I walk up behind her and kiss her shoulder.

"Yes, they will even though they haven't seen you since we were both 15."

"I know right, I can't wait til they see me!" She giggles and focus on what she was doing, cutting up an apple into slices.

"Me neither." Y/n takes a slice of the apple and feeds it to me while going to the refrigerator. My back lays on the table planted in the middle of the kitchen, watching her moves.

"Do you know where we are heading first?" Still chewing on the apple, I shake my head.

"We're heading to Houston, Texas first. Next, Dallas, Texas. And the rest is history." Nodding her head, she faces me with a curious face expression.

"I have another question." Y/n says, with a serious look on her face.

"I may have another answer, go ahead."

"When did you fall in love with me?" I almost started to daydream my answer that I was going to give to her, seems almost like yesterday when I caught feelings for her.

"That's a good question." I chuckle, rubbing my hand behind my neck. "I started to fall in love with you the older we got and I started to feel something for you. I thought it was going to be weird for you, when I loved you I was 16. I kept it a secret and to think it was just a phase, but my feelings was still there. Years came by, and I was tired of pretending everything was okay." Rambling so fast, I blushed. Looking up, I see Y/n smiling. I gulp, "What about you?"

"I loved you my whole life, but I let my feelings for you go to the side when Mark walked in the picture." Rolling my eyes at Mark being brought up, I let out a scoff.

"And I thought we were going to stay bestfriends."

"Well, you thought wrong." She smirks. Walking over to her, I stand taller than her little frame, backing her into the corner.

"I guess so." I move to kiss her. Going to stick my tongue in, she pulls away.

"So, do we have everything packed up?" Y/n ask, walking up to our room and looking at every bag we have packed.

"Yes, babe. I told you I packed damn near the whole house up to go with us." She walks to walk in closet and opens the door. She nods her head, and then suddenly walks away from it, going back down stairs. "Hey, where you going?" I ask.

"I'm going up to the attic, I'll be back."

Your POV

Turning left, going straight, then turning to the right and making another left, I reached my destination on going up to the attic. Crawling up the ladder, I open the door a crawl upward into the attic and see everything little old thing packed up here. Dusting my hands from the ladder, I a look around the room of memories. Memories from: birthdays, friendship anniversaries, Valentine's Day, and more.

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