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Bethany turned to look at Jordan but he only had eyes for his sister at the moment

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Bethany turned to look at Jordan but he only had eyes for his sister at the moment. She could tell he was feeling conflicted.

"Its not his fault" Bethany tried to defend him.

When Jessica turned to her with accusing eyes she mentally coached herself to remain calm for Jordan's sake.

"You speak for my brother now?" Asked Jessica in a scornful tone.

Stay calm, don't fire back, be the bigger person.

"He doesn't need anyone to speak for him. I'm simply letting you know it's not what you're thinking" Bethany calmly replied

"Oh so you're a spokesperson plus you read minds now?" was Jessica's sarcastic response.

Be. Calm. Don't. Be. Rude.

Bethany took a deep breath and turned to Jordan who was now looking very uncomfortable. She wish he would say something. Stand up for himself for once.

"Maybe I should go" Bethany said slowly

"I'll show you out and then you can explain what's going on" Javier finally spoke up.

"And what in the name cow patties and kitty litter makes you think I owe you an explanation? How are you even relevant right now?" She took a deep breath "OK tell you what keep standing there, be quiet and don't speak unless you're spoken to"

"Don't speak to him like that!" Jessica snapped

"You don't talk to her like that either!" Jordan finally spoke up as he pulled Bethany protectively to his side.

"You're defending her!?" Jessica and Javier spoke in unison.

"Yes I am!" Jordan replied

"She's here to obviously try to ruin our relationship again and you're taking her side?" Jessica asked incredulously

"Your relationship? Why would I want Javier? He and I go together like cheese on chocolate pancakes, we don't fit. I wouldn't touch his ass with a ten foot pole. I wouldn't want him if we were stranded on an island alone, my fingers would have to do me justice until death do us part. Or if they fall off from overuse for pleasure but you get the picture" said Bethany as she folded her hands and glared them.

"You're going to let her speak to me like that?" Asked Jessica turning to Jordan

"You came in here throwing insults and accusations" was Jordan's careless response.

"I can't believe you!" Jessica exclaimed.

Bethany looked down at the other woman's feet, sure that she would be stomping a foot in a tantrum soon.

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