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Bethany screamed when the bathroom door was pushed open without a warning

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Bethany screamed when the bathroom door was pushed open without a warning. She quickly held a towel in front of her trying to shield herself from the intruder.

“Knock much!” She snapped

“Not my fault you didn't lock the door sweetheart” the man threw over his shoulder as he walked back out with a chuckle.

She quickly dried herself and put on the only clothes she had which happened to be Jordan's shirt that she slept in. She stomped out of the bathroom and down the hall. She followed the smell of food hoping to find the man and give him a piece of her mind.

“Jason! You walked in on her!?” She heard Jordan's voice ask in annoyance.

So that's the idiot's name.

“Not my fault you didn't warn us you had company. Last I checked you never bring anyone home” Jason replied

Bethany stood there simmering with anger and then she snapped when he started chuckling.

“You know scientist say the universe is made up of neutrons, protons and electrons. They forgot to mention morons, like you!” She said glaring at Jason

“Oh don't stand there giving me a nasty look sweet cheeks, no need to be embarrassed.” Jason replied

Bethany put her hand on her hip, unaware that the action pulled the bottom of the shirt up over her hips a little more.

“I'd give you a nasty look but from the looks of things you already have one!” She threw at Jason who now narrowed his eyes at her. Obviously not liking the fact his useless charms didn't work on her.

“Last I checked this is my house I can do as I please” was his feeble reply

“Idiot” she grumbled

“Takes one to know one”

“I'm sorry was I meant to be offended? The only thing offending me is your face!” she said with a slight smirk when he started glaring at her.

She looked at the others when she heard silent chuckles. The chuckle came from the other man sitting at the table while Jordan stood by the stove looking at her as though she had sprouted an extra pair of head.

“Good morning” she said quietly

He nodded at her and pointed towards a chair indicating that she should sit. She looked down at the plate of food he handed her then looked back at his face.

He gave her an exasperated look with one tilted eyebrow.

“This is loaded with carbs! A meal like this should be illegal!” she exclaimed

Bethany watched as Jordan tilted his head to the side and gave her a once over the raised both eyebrows this time.

This man isn't much of a talker this morning but he doesn't need to say anything. She had lost weight and lots of it.

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