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Jordan reached into the takeout box and popped a fry into his mouth then swore when it burnt his tongue

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Jordan reached into the takeout box and popped a fry into his mouth then swore when it burnt his tongue. He quickly opened his mouth and started huffing out air like a fire breathing dragon as he tried to cool his tongue. He waited a few more minutes, well more like seconds before reaching for more. He was really too hungry to wait for the food to cool.

“Jerusalem crickets!”

The truck hit a pothole before he had time to swing sway from it. His hands immediately tightened around the steering wheel. He hadn't expected business to hold him over so long in town. When he got the call this morning he just couldn't pass on it. So he dropped everything and headed across town.

He could feel his eyes getting heavy as he fought against the exhaustion so he popped another fry into his mouth then reached for a piece of fried chicken, at least eating would distract him from sleep. One of his favorite songs came on from the night radio channel he was listening to and he found himself humming and gently tapping his hands against the steering to the rhythm of the beat.

Light rain began to fall on the windshield as he drove along. It created a peaceful atmosphere for him. The rain came heavier the further he drove and then lighting and thunder struck. He paused and slowed down when he thought he heard a scream but as he listened all he heard was the rain falling against the roof of the truck. The lighting brightened the night sky again and he waited for the thunder to clap. When it did he had no doubt about the scream he heard this time. He immediately pulled the truck to the side of the road and looked up at his rearview mirror. All he saw was the empty road he left behind. He reached for his flashlight and climbed out of the truck swearing grumpily when the cold rain greeted him. He looked around quickly as he shined the light any and everywhere. Deciding it was simply exhaustion making him hear things he move to go back into the truck but then he heard the sound of his farm tools in the back move. He quickly turned the flashlight and caught movement coming from under the large green tarp he had used to cover the equipments.

“Now what in the sam hill is that!” He exclaimed

I'm not in the mood for a rabies shot so that darn sure better not be a blasted raccoon.

He stepped to the side and grabbed hold of the tarp and pulled. Another ear splitting scream ran through the air.

“What in the world are you doing in my truck!?” He shouted over the rain.

“Don't shoot, please don't shoot!” She yelled

“Lady this is a flashlight. Unless these things have been seriously upgraded over the years the only thing it will be shooting is light!” He snapped

“You're blinding me with that thing!” She yelled covering her eyes.

“You want to tell me why you're in my truck?” he asked

“Not really” she replied

“Let's try this again. You have three seconds to tell me why you're in my truck or I'll pull you out and leave you here” he warned her

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