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Jordan bent to check his teeth in the side mirror before he straightened up and walking inside

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Jordan bent to check his teeth in the side mirror before he straightened up and walking inside. As he opened the door the smell of food hit his nose, the music whispered around his ears and his eyes took in the people gathered around the room having a good time.

He removed his jacket and scanned the crowd trying to find his date.

Wait date? Is that what this is? Well she asked me but I don't think she was ...

"Well miracles still happen. Jordan Walters I can't believe my eyes!"

Jordan turned to glare at his friend.

"Thanks Brian can you say that any louder!" He grumbled

"Sure I can, but I don't think you want me to" Brian replied with a teasing grin.

Jordan ignored him and went back to trying to find Bethany in the crowd. As soon as he saw her his stomach did a funny little twitch. She was talking to a group of women including Brian's wife and Georgia. Her face alive with animation and laughter. Just then Georgia turned and saw him, her eyes widened for a split second. Who could blame her, he wasn't known to be the social type at all. He watched as she turned and whispered something to Bethany who looked over and caught sight of him Her face lit up and now it was his heart that did a funny twitch.

"Attractive isn't she?" Brian said next to him

"Yeah" he drawled

"And you're interested" it wasn't a question.

He was saved from answering when Bethany ran over and hugged him. He didn't miss the knowing grin his friend sent him before wondering off.

He stared at her face when she pulled away and looked up at him. Her eyes were bright and her cheeks were a little pink.

"I'm so happy you decided to come, I didn't think you would" she said

"I almost didn't" he replied

"Well I'm glad you did" she replied

The next thing he knew she laced her fingers through his and pulled him from table to table, greeting people. The rate at which she was going you'd think she was the one that grew up there.

Jordan quickly realized that the self absorbed defensive woman he met the first time she came to cause trouble, was quickly fading away. Instead that woman was being replaced by a relaxed, carefree, friendly version, her true self. He hasn't missed the way everyone lights up around her. Her smile and laughter was the contagious sort.

I wouldn't admit it but he rather enjoyed knowing that she loved knowing she was right by her side. Throughout the day she left a careless arm laying on his thigh if they were sitting, if they ever stood her arm was around him in a hug. For him? He just let his hand lay on the small of her back.

A soft country ballad started and people drifted towards the dancefloor. Bethany didn't ask but he knew she wanted to dance. There was a look of longing on her face when he casually glanced at her.

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