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“So I was right after all huh? You want me?” Asked Jason

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“So I was right after all huh? You want me?” Asked Jason

Bethany rolled her eyes upwards then turned to send him an annoyed look.

“Don't hold your breath buddy” she told him before turning back to look out the truck window.

“Well you were awfully friendly this morning” he pointed out

‘It pained me to pull off that act” she grumbled

“So why were you pretending to be nice then?” He asked curiously

“Can you just shut up and drive” she snapped at him.

“Or I can just stop the truck and have you walk the rest of the way” Jason threatened

“You really are all pricks” she said turning to glare at him.

“At least I know how, when and where to stuck it to a woman.” He said suggestively

“You're so annoying! Like a fungus that just won't leave” she said irritably

They drove in silence for a while. She tried not to think about the fact that she left Jordan at home with that woman but sadly she still found herself wondering what they might be doing.

“So you like my brother huh?” She heard Jason ask quietly

“It doesn't matter” she replied with a shrug

“Says who?” He asked

“Weren't you paying attention to the woman back there? She beautiful!” Bethany grumbled

“Maybe, but she has nothing on you” Jason replied

She turned to look at him. Expecting to see a teasing face but his face was humor free.

“Um...thank you” she replied

“Besides I know my brother. He's more likely to go for a woman he's emotionally attracted to and if I'm reading him right, that woman is you” said Jason as he parked in front of the diner.

“You must be mistaken” she argued

“Like I said, I know my brother. Why else do you think he went on that date with you?” He asked with a eyebrow.

“It doesn't matter. Once she got there he forgot all about me” she grumbled

“Sure, that's why he came after you and left her there.” He said

She looked at him and thought about what he said. Sure he could be right but given her past she wasn't willing to risk her heart while another woman was involved. It was safer for her to be just friends with Jordan Walters.

“Thanks for the ride Jason” she said as she climbed out of the truck.

“Anytime Blondie” he replied

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