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Either this was destiny having its way or this was just pure luck

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Either this was destiny having its way or this was just pure luck. Jordan sported a smile as he drove home. The house he had wanted was finally up for sale and he was first on the list of buyers since his name was first on the list.

What surprised him though was the fact the house seem to be the same one Bethany had just lost. According to the bank's real estate agent the house was up for sale because the original owner had died and his granddaughter was too self involved to care if she lost the place or not. Jordan had felt an immediate feeling of defensiveness creep over him when he realized the man could be talking about Bethany.

That hadn't stopped him though from pulling out his checkbook and putting down half the deposits and signing whatever document that was presented. His next visit would be to do a full tour of the house but he felt like it wouldn't be right unless Bethany was present.

With the way things were going for them it was only right for her to be there. She might very well be moving there with him.

Bethany had proven to be just the woman he needed in his life. Things with her were pretty straightforward and natural. Once she had brought down her wall of defense the free spirited, caring, breath of fresh air that she really was started to emerge. There was no doubt in his mind that he belonged with her. He just hoped she felt the same same. Sometimes you just know. No specific amount of time or significant event needed to happen for a person to know that this is the one. When you know, you just know.

She's the one. My one. My only one.

He turned the corner and his the smile fell from his face. Jordan knew something was wrong the minute he was pulling onto the ranch just in time to see Lila driving out. A feeling of unease caused his stomach to clench in knots. He pressed the gas just a little bit harder and picked up his speed.

He saw Bethany sitting on the porch staring into space, she didn't even look at him when he slammed the truck door and walked up the steps.

"Hey" he said hesitantly. He wanted to hold her and pull her back when she moved her head away before he could kiss her.

"What's going on?" He tried again

"who's is it?" She asked

He knitted his brows in confusion and pulled back to get a better look at her.

"What are you talking about?" He asked

"The ring I found in your room" she replied looking at her hands knotted on her lap.

"You went through my stuff?" He asked surprised.

It's not that he minded but the thought of her sneaking through his things would mean she doesn't trust him, and if she doesn't trust him...what did they have at all?

"I was cleaning our room...your room. I found it in the corner" she explained in a quiet voice.

He exhaled a quiet released breath remembering he had tossed it the other night, he must have forgotten it there.

"I can explain that" he said moving to sit next to her.

"Its her's isn't it?" She asked in a teary voice.

"Hers? You mean Lila? I saw her leaving. What did she say to you?" He asked angrily

"Oh you mean the fashion illiterate, loudmouth, bimbo? She had a lot to say" Bethany replied in a clipped tone.

OK the claws are out, this is bad then.

"You can't believe anything Lila says, that's something I learnt a long time ago" he told her

"So she's not the one you bought the ring for?" She asked as she finally turned to look at him.

"Yes but it's not like that!" he exclaimed

"Yes it is! You want to marry her? And I'm here thinking you ..." Her voice trailed off

"It was a long time ago Bethany. It's not what you're thinking. I got that rings years ago" he explained

"Then why did you keep it all this time?" She asked

Why did I keep the stupid thing? I have no idea.

"I don't know" he replied honestly

"You kept it hoping the next time you saw her you could put it on her finger" she told him

"But I didn't" he argued

"Not yet" she replied

"How could you think I'd want to be with her now?" He asked angrily

"How could I not? You kept her ring! You let her push me aside the first day I asked you out! She feels as if she can just come and go here as she pleases. This is highschool all over again. I'm the girl that never gets chosen." She said tearfully

"No you're not! Bethany listen to what I'm saying please! I'm choosing you!" He exclaimed

"Only because the woman you love turned out to be a disappointment" she said

She got up and walked to the rail and he was right behind her. He gripped her arm and turned her to face him. She tried to turn away but he held her face in place.

"Lila is my past. I have no regrets or secret wants where she is concerned. I'm not going to let you use this as an excuse to run out on me. There's no reason for you to be jealous, there's no reason for you to be scared either. I won't hurt you baby, I need you to trust me" he said as he rest his forehead against hers.

"But she's right. Why would you even want a woman like me?" She whispered

"I need you because you're exactly the type of woman I've been praying for" he told her quietly

"Confused and slightly messed up?" She asked

"Completely imperfect but just right for me" he told her

"When I saw the ring I thought..." Her voice trailed off.

"You thought what?" He asked moving back to look at her face.

When she kept looking over his shoulder he slowly turned and saw Jessica and Javier standing there.

"¿por qué estás aquí? Bethany?" Asked Javier

"Bésame el trasero" she replied heatedly

Jordan turned to look at Bethany in surprised he had no idea she also spoke Spanish. Before he could say anything Jessica beat him to it.

"You've got to be kidding me, tell me I'm not seeing this! My own brother betrayed me!" Jessica exclaimed.

"You've got to be kidding me, tell me I'm not seeing this! My own brother betrayed me!" Jessica exclaimed

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