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Every morning when she looked in the mirror she saw herself, but she also saw a young girl who’d been spoiled, pampered and far too used to getting her own way

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Every morning when she looked in the mirror she saw herself, but she also saw a young girl who’d been spoiled, pampered and far too used to getting her own way.
Bethany didn’t like that girl and had had years to change her but somehow never did, until now.

Sometimes all you needed was a rude awakening to get you on the right path in life. What was the point of changing yourself into someone that deep down you didn't like, and clearly, no one else did either.

She walked to the bathroom and made sure to lock it this time. Last thing she needed was Jason walking in on her again. Funny but since she's been staying with them for a week now all she's managed to do is bump heads with Jason. He was like that annoying little brother that you wanted to tie to a chair and tape his mouth the minute your parents left the room.

God must have known I'd be a terrible big sister.

After showering her put on a white sweater and a loose white pants. She put her hair in a braid and decided against doing her makeup.

It was time for a change.

When she got downstairs there was no one around so she decided to try to make breakfast on her own. The first batch of eggs were so badly burnt they smelled like burnt hair, the toasts weren't any better because she had forgotten to set the timer. The second set wasn't worth mentioning but that didn't stop her from giving up. She got it right on her third try. Instead of trying to make her own coffee she poured herself some water deciding she had had enough disaster for one morning.

Breakfast over and dishes done she wondered out to the porch and stopped to breathe in the fresh country air. The way the snow sprinkled down from a gray, clouded sky and floats to the ground with grace and elegance, so pure. The snowflakes dance and prance in the cold air.

Winter is a wonderland.

She walked back to the hall closet to put on her snow boots deciding that it had been a day since she had visited Black beauty. She thumped down the stairs and made her way across the yarn to reach the barn. The sight of the mountain stopped her. The mountain is pristine and white, even the dark green of the pines is mostly coated in the crystalline snow. She could stand here drinking it all in, listening to the silence that hangs so thickly in the frigid air. As the cool air teased the exposed skin she look away from the beautiful image and trotted over to the stables.

“Hey girl!” She greeted the horse.

The animal glanced her way then looked away. She giggled and reached for an apple.

“I've got a treat for you” she said in a low singsong tone but still the animal ignored her.

“Oh come on! It's only been a day.” She complained

The animal walked over to her and sniffed her hair. She offered Black beauty the apple then laughed when the animal took the fruit then pushed her with its head. She lost her balance and fell to her but. The glared when the animal broke into a fit of neighs that sounded suspiciously like laughing.

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