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What is it with this guy? He's like a walking truth serum

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What is it with this guy? He's like a walking truth serum. One minute with him and I'm confessing my deep dark sins. The craziest part is, he never judges me, he just listens, he makes me feel, normal.

There was a time in her life she expressed her feelings in a true way, but we can't go on like that, right? We can't keep bawling like babies and throwing tantrums like toddlers; we do need to get a grip on our own minds. But there is a balance, a point of virtue, that she went passed so long ago. Every negative emotion is buried before she can even feel it, making her passive and weak. Everyone loves her for the girl she had turned herself into, the one that got noticed, the one that that fit in with the popular crowd, meanwhile every other feeling was crammed into her chest.

Bethany turned to look at the outfit she had chosen to wear for her first day of work. Jordan really had come through. Apparently one of the waitress from his friend's diner had gone on leave so they needed a fill in.

She picked up the outfit she had chosen then nibbled on her lips then put it away. Instead she chose a skinny jeans and the plainest top she could find. After getting changed and pulling her hair into a high ponytail she did a light makeup and went down to have breakfast. She was surprised to find Jordan already in the kitchen, with nothing but pajama bottoms on. Her mouth felt dry as she stood staring at the way the muscles in his back moved as he moved around. He was a living work of art, his brown skin so tempting to touch; every move giving away his strength. Her eyes went lower and caught the unmistakable evidence of his dimples, manly back dimples. He turned and caught her staring and she blushed and looked away.

“Morning” he greeted her

“Good morning. You're up early” she replied

“Not really. Usually I'd be out on the farm by now but I stayed back to get you started for your big day” he said

“What are you making?” She asked him

“Just some scrambled eggs and toast with avocado spread” he replied as though it was the simplest thing in the world. For someone like her she didn't have a clue where to start.

“Can you show me?” She could see the surprised expression on his face, heck she had surprised herself.

“Sure” she walked closer to him,looking up at him when their hands lightly brushed. She could feel him staring at her but there was no way she was going to look at him with her blush betraying her current state.

She watched as he crack some eggs into a glass bowl and then handed her whisk.

“Whip these eggs back and forth” he told her.

Her face broke out into a smile at his dry humor. She started whisking the eggs but gasped when some spilled out of the bowl. She slowly looked up expecting him to be angry but instead he stopped what he was doing and walked over to her. He stood behind her and she noted his manly smell mixed with a hint of old spice. She held her breath when he held her hand and gently started whisking her eggs.

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