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“Come back down after your shower and I'll put something on your leg to ease the pain” Jordan told Bethany as they walked into the house

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“Come back down after your shower and I'll put something on your leg to ease the pain” Jordan told Bethany as they walked into the house.

He watched her nod and quickly bolt up the stairs without a backward glance.

Something was happening here, what was it? He had absolutely no idea but he was positive something was happening.

“What was that about?”

Jordan turned to see Joseph sitting on the couch surrounded by files. Clearly he had made a quick trip to the city today which is why I didn't see him out on the farm.

“Nothing” he mumbled

“Sure nothing” Joseph replied

“Mind your own business.” Said Jordan

“Oh aren't you defensive, must be serious” Joseph teased

“I have no idea what you're talking about” Jordan replied folding his hand.

“Denial, I hear that's the first stage” Joseph pressed on

“Shut up!” Jordan exclaimed

“It's about darn time Jordan, it's about darn time. I hope you know what you're doing though”

“That's just it, I have no idea what's going on” Jordan confessed

“Then I'd say you're in big trouble”

“Yeah thanks because I didn't already figure that out” Jordan quipped sarcastically

“What are you going to tell Jess?” Asked Joseph

Jordan looked at his brother before sighing and walking to the kitchen to retrieve the first aid kit from the top shelve in the cupboard. He looked through the contents until he found the ointment and some cotton balls. He dropped onto the closest kitchen chair feeling conflicted.

He was all logic and feigned cool detachment until he touched her skin. Then something not only stirred in him, but it took over his thinking. The rest of his world became an unimportant blur that was banished into the far recesses of his mind. The only thing that mattered was touching her more, being around her more, talking to her more. That was a lot coming from a guy the avoided emotional attachment to women like the ten plague.

“Those all for me?”

He turned at the sound of her voice. The look in her eyes says she is afraid of me more than anything, particularly me.

Good to know I'm not the only one walking around tied in knots.

“Sit, I saved you some dinner. You can eat while I take a look at your leg”

He got up to reheat her food in the microwave before returning to the table. He placed the plate in front of her and handed her a glass of water. He had noticed she was more partial to water than sweet drinks.

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