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Jordan stood with the crowd as everyone waited for the event to start

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Jordan stood with the crowd as everyone waited for the event to start. The whole town was out to support tonight. Cameras flashed and the crowd buzzed with talks of the new addition to their small town.

Truly he was proud of his sister and her fiancé. They had achieved a lot together to achieve their mutual dream, by the looks of some of the high class faces in attendance this opening was going to be a major success.

The crowd erupted with applause as the doors were pulled opened and Jessica and Javier came out to do the official welcome to the ‘JJ art gallery’. A smile etched on his face when he saw the way they gazed at each other lovingly. Seeing his sister this happy made him proud.

He hated the fact that Bethany had to lose so much and get hurt in the process but he couldn't hold a grudge when his sibling was obviously so in love.

He moved up with the crowd as everyone stopped to greet the happy couple. A few women stopped to gush over Jessica's new engagement ring. She Logan who casually slipped in before Jason and Joseph then they greeted Jason and Joseph and their dates before turning to him with a mischievous smile.

“Really Jordan? Where's your date?” She asked

“Don't start sis” he grumbled immediately feeling a sense of guilt when he thought about Bethany sitting home all alone.

“You OK?”  asked Jessica

“Uh huh, yep sure” he replied. He quickly turned from her to greet Javier before hurrying inside.

He stood over in the corner away from all the chattering as he listened to Javier giving the opening speech. He caught Jessica staring at him curiously which only made him tense and look away.

He joined in with the applause though he hasn't heard a word that was spoken. He did his best to avoid Jessica who kept glancing his way throughout the evening.

His sister had a stubborn disapproving look that made a grown man feel like a naughty toddler.

He was all too happy when Joseph walked over to her obviously cutting his evening short since he had to leave. Jordan however took the coward's way out and waved from across the room before slipping.

As he pulled into the driveway he noticed that the stable door was open. He wondered over and quietly stepped inside and came to a stop when she saw Bethany standing there, brush in hand grooming Betsy's hair.

“I bet you feel much better now, right girl? These boys don't know how important it is to us ladies to always have our hair properly groomed” he heard Bethany say in a soothing voice.


The horse responded to her as though it agrees which made him roll his eyes.


He let his eyes roam over her, she was wearing his shirt. The one he gave her the first night she got here. A sudden sense of possessiveness crept over him.

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