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"Are you taking me to the middle of nowhere so there won't be any witnesses when you try to kill me?" Asked Bethany

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"Are you taking me to the middle of nowhere so there won't be any witnesses when you try to kill me?" Asked Bethany

"I'll make it quick and painless if you just stop talking right now"

"Well excuse me if I'm annoying you, you're the one that came to my bedroom and blindfolded me and kidnapped me. If you didn't want me talking you should have thought about gagging me too" she grumbled

"Gagging sounds like a great idea right now"

"I have teeth and I know how to use them." She warned

Jordan chuckled as he took a quick look at his fiancé before going back to focus on the road. He was so excited about the surprise he has for her he was basically bouncing in his seat like a child high on sugar. He gently tapped her frown lines on her forehead then smiled when she reached up and took his hand in her. With one hand on the steering wheel and the other resting on her lap entwined with hers he pulled into the driveway that lead up to the house.

The gravel crunched beneath the tires as the truck came to a stop.

"Are we there now?" She asked

"Yes, now sit still so I can go around and get the door for you" Jordan instructed

"Why can't I take the blindfolds off?" She asked sulkily

"Don't complain it'll ruin the surprise" he told her

"Are you buying me a car? If you are I'm telling you right now I don't want it. I like you driving me to work and back. That's our karaoke time." She warned

Jordan chuckled and shook his head as he opened the door and picked her up in his hands. He used his hip to shut the door then turned and carried her up the stairs. She snuggled into him and moved her lips along his face until she could nibble his neck, which caused a shudder to run through his body.

Placing her on her feet he fished the keys from his jeans and opened the door. Taking her hand he picked her up again and lifted her over the thresh hold.

"Why is it so quiet?" She whispered

"We're inside" he replied

"Can I take these off now?" She asked again

He placed her on her feet and knelt before her with the ring box popped opened.

"Jordan?" She asked

When he remained quiet she reached up and pulled the blindfolds off. A startled gasp left her lips.

"Oh my God" she whispered emotionally

Her eyes welled up with tears as she looked at him kneeling before her. She looked around at the house.

"Welcome home baby. Will you help me to turn this house into a home? Will you spend forever with me?" Asked Jordan

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