{Chapter 20} Asleep

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I gained my senses, but I still couldn't open my eyes. As much as I tried to there was a soft material attached in my eyebrow, covering half of my eye as well that was stopping me from doing so.

I felt a sudden warmness in my right hand as if something touched it, and a small slightly wet thingy brushing it for only a second and then hair, the warmness never leaving my hand. I only then realized that probably someone was holding it.

Being too tired to speak, I just stayed layed down in the bed or couch I was probably in with a blanket covering my feet and reached to my waist.

"...Jihye..." I heard someone say, sighing before that.

"...I'm so sorry..." I felt the person's breath hit my hand, as it's head was probably layed down in the bed I was in since I could feel their hair tickling my wrist as well.

"I know...I've treated you awfully...always judging you and always being a jerk to you" I felt the person's breath hit my hand yet again

"You're probably wondering why...Why I was so mean to you when you had your last evaluation before debuting, why I didn't even come and congratulate you on your debut, yesterday, why I was so mad about the phone"

That was...Hanbin?!

"I guess you know I know about Jinhwan confessing to you and you assumed I was mad because I don't like you and don't want him to be with you for that reason. Or our dating ban. No. The true reason is...." He sighed again

"....I was jealous"

"I was jealous because he confessed to the girl I like" he breathed out, my hand losing that tickling feeling his hair and breath were giving me but his hand still holding mine.

"I like you Jihye." He confessed


I was mentally screaming but I couldn't show it. I didn't want him to know I was listening to what he was saying. Maybe it was better for now, for both of us to think I am asleep.

"I've liked you for a long time now. But I knew that as a leader...it was my duty to put the group's needs before mine and try to leave my feelings behind so our group wouldn't have scandals or anyrhing. I tried to change my feelings for you and I almost had before I found out that Jinhwan did what I wanted to do ever since I met you. Then I remembered how I was really feeling about you and jealousy over took me, making me act like this"

"I know you probably can't hear me now, but I really am sorry. And I will prove it to you." I felt the hand that was providing heat to mine leave and a cold feeling take its place before my hand could return to its initial temperature and suddenly that heat transfered to my cheek, feeling a hand slightly caressing it.

"Rest well...baby girl"

And then the door closed. Okay, if I didn't die because of whatever happened and made me come here I am gonna die now from a heart attack. What just happened?!

Bobby POV

"How are they" I hurriedly got up and asked the doctor as soon as he exited the room

"Relax sir" he assured me first

"Three of them, the guy and two of the girls sustain only small injuries, that will be healed quickly as soon as they exit the hospital" he smiled and sighed before continue talking

"The third girl...she's your friend right?" He asked, seeing the worried look in my face

"She's like my sister" I corrected him, swallowing the knot that was forming on my neck, biting my lips from my nervousness

"Well...she is in a more serious situation than the other three. She sustains injuries in her head and she has broken her leg as well. I'm sorry" he sighed after telling me and patted my shoulder with his hand.

"Can we see her?" I heard Hanbin's voice. All this time he was standing behind me and I had no idea

"Yeah but she has not woken up yet. And please, don't go together since we need the room to be quiet so she can rest properly" he said before leaving, wishing for them to get well soon.

I did not manage to make a step towards her room when Hanbin had already walked in, closing the door behind him, leaving me surprised because I was not expecting that at all, considering what happened between them yesterday.

"Jiwon-ssi what did the doctor say" Hyeyoung and the other two members of their group looked at me, waiting for an answer with tears in their eyes, all sitting together and holding hands.

"Your manager, Jimin and Mihee are not in a serious condition and will heal soon after they exit the hospital" I smiled at them, trying to assure them that they were fine

"And...what about Jihye?" Nayoon asked, her eyes turning as big as dinner plates as soon as she realized I was only talking about their manager, Jimin and Mihee

"Jihye..." I sighed

"Jihye has injuries on her head and has broken her leg too" I said earning gasps from the members, realizing I should have said that in a more...light way

"Is she gonna be okay?" "Can we see her?" Both Nayoon and Hyeyoung asked with the speed of lightning as I finished speaking

"Of course she is gonna be okay. I'm gonna make sure of it." I smiled, trying to stop their worries and patting Nayoon's back slightly since she seemed the most nervous of them all, as she was the leader

"And about seeing her, you can but now she has... another visitor in and too many people can't be in the room for a long time since she has to rest a lot. Plus she is still asleep" I ansered Mihee's question

"Who is in there?" Jia questioned, looking around at all of us trying to detect who's missing, finally lifting her head up.


"What?!" They had the same reaction as me, tilting their heads and knitting their eyebrows together, feeling rather suspicious at his new attitude.

"I know, I had the same reaction beli-" I was cut off by the sound of the door of Jihye's room and I turned, seeing Hanbin exiting the room

All the girls got up looking at him worriedly and curiously as they had not been used to that image of him.

"She's fine" he smiled at them. "She is still asleep and resting well, don't worry" he assured them before taking a seat next to me.

"What did you do in there?" I asked suspiciously, leaning closer to him and whispering it so the girls could not hear.

"What I should've done a year ago" he smiled to himself

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