{Chapter 15} Teasing

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''We are young...wild and free...!'' the sound of someone singing woke me up

''Yah! Be quiet I'm sleeping!" I mumbled, placing the pillow I was sleeping on above my ear to prevent the sounds coming from the bathroom.

''Sorry...'' JiA said in a cute voice

''Can't you sing something more recent tho? This song is old as f*ck'' I teased, getting up knowing that I won't sleep again when I felt a pillow flying across the room and hitting my arm

Jia walked into the room with a smiley face, satisfied that her pillow found it's aim.

''Ouch! Why did you do that?'' I pouted, rubbing my arm and throwing the pillow back at her but she caught it.

''Talk shit, get hit'' she winked at me. When I talk bad about something she likes, whether it's a song, group, or anything this is always the result. Even tho I am just teasing her and she knows it.

I heard the door bell ring and I quickly got up to open it, thinking it was our manager, even tho today we had a day off.

''Guys what are you doing here? It's way too early!'' I heard Jimin groan when she opened the door. Looks like she opened it first.

''Nice to see you too'' I heard someone with a loud voice say. Kind of sassy as well. That's not our manager for sure

''Well...well...well look who is here'' I teased, walking into the living room with my pijamas and my morning hair when I saw who was in our dorm. Of course our next door neighbors iKON. Well almost all of them. Jinhwan was not there.

''Where's Jinhwan oppa?'' Mihee was quick to ask before me.

"Nice to see you too guys! What a loving welcome...!" Bobby teased, pretending to feel hurt from our words

''He's upstairs, probably still sleeping, he'll probably come here as well once he wakes up'' Donghyuk anwered.

Not letting Donghyuk finish his sentence I rushed to the bathroom to get dressed and fix my hair who were a mess since I hadn't brushed then when I woke up once I remembered that I was still in my hello kitty pijamas but I could still hear them talking

Nayoon: So...what are you guys doing here?

Bobby: We have a day off and we heard you guys have a day off as well so we thought we could do something together for the day.

Mihee: Oh cool! I'm in!

*everyone agrees*

Hanbin: So where do you guys wanna go? Any ideas?

Jimin: Um... how about an amusment park?

Yunhyeong: That sounds nice

Bobby: Are you sure? Won't you get scared or something?

Mihee: What are you talking about? We not afraid of anything!

Bobby: Okay... *teasingly*

*doorbell rings*

''I got it!'' I said and ran out of my room, now with my hair fixed and wearing clothes

''Hey mom!'' I said smiling once I opened the door and saw who it was. Jinhwan.

''Hey'' he said, slightly chuckling entering the dorm and looking around for his members

''What are you guys doing here? And why did you leave the dorm without waking me up?'' he asked when he saw the guys sitting with us.

''Did she just call you 'mom'?'' out of all Jinhwan's questions, Junhoe somehow found that more interesting. This guy...

''Yeah'' I casually answered. ''Jinhwan is my new mom!'' I said laughing and putting one of my hands over his shoulders. Our height difference was not big so I could easily do that without stepping on my toes or something.

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