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BAD BOY DOWN   ll   KIM HANBIN  ✔ by jiwon_bunny
BAD BOY DOWN ll KIM HANBIN ✔by jiwonnieee
" I hate you! I swear I hate you so damn much KIM HANBIN!! " "You really don't know with who you were dealing with! " The plan to make the bad boy...
  • bobby
  • fluff
  • chanwoo
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He Hates Me | iKON - B.I by Elpidasoo
He Hates Me | iKON - B.Iby Elpidasoo
"Was that all you had?" He said with a cocky look on his face "Yes..." I said with a small voice "Well then...." he leaned on my ear and wh...
  • jinhwan
  • hanbin
  • romance
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love scenario {kim hanbin} by rayofhanbin
love scenario {kim hanbin}by ri
❝we were in love, we met, that's enough, i loved you.❞ S: 9/6/18 F: 11/22/18
  • song
  • dk
  • chanwoo
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iKON One Shots by VIPiKONICobsession
iKON One Shotsby Lob Ster
One shots featuring members of iKON: Kim Jinhwan (Jay) Kim Hanbin (B.I) Kim Jiwon (Bobby) Goo Junhoe (June) Song Yunhyeong (Song) Kim Donghyuk (DK) Jung Chanwoo (Chan) ♧...
  • yunhyeong
  • donghyuk
  • bobby
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obsession. [ ikon - junhoe ] by xpeachmon
obsession. [ ikon - junhoe ]by xpeachmon
seong rin. the new school in which she'd recently been transferred to is probably her worst nightmare, yet it's something she is used to. being surrounded by what seems...
  • kimjinhwan
  • jungchanwoo
  • yandere
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b.i-we got married {COMPLETED} by squishykangdaniel
b.i-we got married {COMPLETED}by ♡ℰ𝓊𝓃𝒽𝓌𝑜𝓃♡
being a member of a famous rookie girl group , she was invited to be on a show called 'we got married'. she was paired up with famous boy group , IKON's leader , B.I. i...
  • completed
  • ikonic
  • kimjiwon
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city lights ༆ by winterxuxi
city lights ༆by kirella
Koo Junhoe, son of the founder of Koo Enterprises- rich and popular for the most part. Kim Jinhwan, the total opposite- a normal boy that is just barely getting by. Wha...
  • angst
  • comedy
  • donghyuck
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iKON'S Chatroom by yoongisenpai
iKON'S Chatroomby yoongisenpai
Chatroom and cracks
  • ikon
  • chatroom
  • bobby
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"You were given a chance to become iKON's manager temporarily, but Hanbin doesn't seem to like you very much." "Hey you, YOU, yes YOU, don't ever take my...
  • kpopfanfic
  • hanbinikon
  • junhoe
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imagines 『 ikon 』 by chogiwanese
imagines 『 ikon 』by bogsie
➳ i ship you with ikon ♥
  • jinhwan
  • yg
  • ikonyg
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brutal + junhoe [EDITING] by anonnoying
brutal + junhoe [EDITING]by king
"Brutal people also fall in love, bitches." ©anonnoying 2015
  • exo
  • hanbin
  • chanwoo
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iKON Imagines by httpikon
iKON Imaginesby ikonic hoes
a book full of imagines dedicated to our fellow iKONICS. ❤︎ • kim hanbin (b.i) • kim jinhwan (jay) • kim jiwon (bobby) • koo junhoe (ju-ne) • song yunhyeong (song) • kim...
  • jinhwan
  • chanwoo
  • junhoe
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The Last Spark | iKON Jinhwan by hwannieyo
The Last Spark | iKON Jinhwanby Hwannie
After experiencing the most heartbreaking break up yet, Y/N is left with nothing but sorrow and memories. Engulfed in her own grief, she becomes closed off and reserved...
  • story
  • chanwoo
  • korean
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31 Days with Kim Hanbin ✔ by ilovemykoo
31 Days with Kim Hanbin ✔by karylle treyes
❝ maybe we're perfect strangers ❞ •° Sequel: Four Corners with Kim Hanbin °• © All rights reserved || 2016 一 ilovemykoo
  • one
  • junhoe
  • aoa
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you, just you. by Mbin-pokpak
you, just you.by Mbin-pokpak
this is hanlice fanfic. ini pertama kalinya nulis cerita. jadi mohon maaf atas kekurangannya. tolong beri kritik dan saran ya.. biar gue bisa belajar lagi
  • jinji
  • blackpink
  • jinyoungjisoo
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spiral ; junbob by wealllose
spiral ; junbobby tyler
Everything in Junhoe's life was spiralling-- so, he called Bobby. tw // mentions of alcohol abuse, divorce, and slight abuse, will not go into heavy detail and will try...
  • june
  • junhoe
  • bobby
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halo? -june✅ by heizebrown
halo? -june✅by Kezia.
"Halo, Kak June." -Hyeran "Adeknya Hanbin ngapain?" -June Highest rank : #698 in GENERAL 280917 #705 in GENERAL 220218
  • koojunhoe
  • junhoe
  • hanbin
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This is oneshot stories about iKON / winner team b, completed stories in every tittle, i hope you enjoy my every stories guys :) iKON member : - KIM HANBIN a.k.a B.I (...
  • teamb
  • hanbin
  • ikon
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