{Chapter 11} What's Wrong

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JinHwan POV

''No! You have to spin on your right foot not on the left!'' Hanbin yelled at Chanwoo who was doing the choreography wrong.

For the past week Hanbin has been making us practice all day and we don't even have comeback plans soon so I don't understand why he makes us practice so hard... Himself more. He spends more time in the company practicing and working than he does when we are actually preparing for a comeback.

''Huyng give us a break! We've been dancing for five hours straight!'' Donghyuk whined while panting, wiping the sweat from his forehead.

''No! We have to do this right and then we'll see.'' Hanbin said which made all of us sigh and whine in annoyance.

''Hanbin! Let's take a break.'' I told him looking at him in a way where he could not say no. He was the leader of the group but I am the oldest member so out of respect and only he could not talk back.

''Ughh fine. Do whatever you want'' he said and sat down on the bench there was on our practice room, sweat dripping off his hair but him not even flinching, just staring at his form in the mirror.

''Yess!!'' ''Finally!'' the guys cheered, finally being able to rest, even for only ten minutes.

We all sat down next to him panting and trying to catch our breath. Junhoe and Yunyheong lying on the floor resting their bodies.

Ten minutes after we had all gained our breaths and were chatting with each other Bobby was showing us some pictures on his phone when he got a call from someone that made him get up and exit the room quickly.

Bobby's secretive attitude has made us all grow curious about who he was talking to.

''Who is he talking to?'' Junhoe muttered to himself and then got up and moved quietly and sneakily towards the door to peek through the little glass window there was on it to see Bobby.

''Do you see him?'' Yunhyeong approached Junhoe to peek from the glass as well when the door opened and made Junhoe who was supporting all his weight on the door fall backwards.

''Yah! What the hell were you doing?'' Bobby yelled when he got into the room and understood that these two were spying on him.

''Who were you talking to hyung?'' Yunhyeong curiously asked which made Bobby scratch the back of his head, probably in an attempt to find a good excuse.

''My parents'' he said but it was obvious he was lying.

''Really?'' Hanbin questioned, not even bothering to look at us, his eyes stuck on his phone

''Yes!'' Bobby said and sat down leaving his phone unlocked next to him which was not a good idea when Junhoe with a steep move grabbed Bobby's phone and checked the number he called.

''Yah! You punk! Give it back now!'' Bobby started chasing Junhoe across the room but it was too late when he got it back since Junhoe had aleady seen who Bobby was talking to.

''Hyung...since when your mother's name is JiHye?'' Junhoe teased Bobby when he saw who Bobby was actually talking with on the phone.

''Ooohhh..'' Chanwoo and Yunhyeong cooed while wiggling their eyebrows which made Bobby chase and smack both of them.

''You punks! I'll get you for this!'' Bobby yelled and put his phone on his pocket so no one could take it.

''Wait who's JiHye?'' Junhoe, completely unaware of who she was asked.

''Some trainee'' Hanbin said in an arrogant look on his face still looking at his phone, not even bothering to look up.

''What did you say?'' Bobby turned and looked at Hanbin surprised and a bit mad.

That's it.

''Hanbin. Outside. Now.'' I got up and walked outside waiting for him to come as well so we could talk alone. It was finally time to get to know what's with him and why he is always being rude to JiHye.

''What is it hyung?'' Hanbin got out of the room, carefully closing the door behind him and checking the little glass on the door making sure no one was peeking through it.

''Sit down, we need to talk''

''Is there anything wrong?'' he questioned with a confused look on his face. Clearly he was aware of what I wanted to talk about but he was trying to play it innocent.

''Yes. What's with your attitude towards JiHye?''

''What?'' he said with a surprised expression, pretending to be taken aback from my question

''You heard me. Why are you acting like this towards her all the time?''

''What do you mean?'' he asked still pretending to be confused

''You know what I mean! You are always rude to her, you always underestimate her and tease her. You think I haven't noticed but I have and I want to know the reason behind this.''

''Why are you asking me this?'' he asked me, still trying to avoid the question.

''Because I feel bad for her and she's my friend and I care about her. Now answer me!'' I said, the last three words more loud than I was suppoed to.

''Are you sure you're only her friend? Because I think you're being a bit too friendly with her...'' he raised his eyebrows in a suspicious look. That was it.

''Kim Hanbin answer the question I am asking you!'' I yelled loudly, so loud that made the other members open the door to see why I was yelling.

''It's nothing, go back inside, we'll be back soon as well'' Hanbin reassured them so we could talk privately.

''Fine. You want to know? Alright I'll tell you...'' he finally said, his voice getting smaller but angrier as he spoke.

''I don't like how she's always around us...Jihye this Jihye that. Ever since she came here you and Bobby won't shut up about her! We have more important things to focus on hyung...we will have a comeback soon!'' he said while looking at his knees. He was obviously lying because he is not usually like this...I know him for 5 years now, I can tell.

''I see...just...just try to be a little nicer to her from now on okay? It makes us all feel very awkward and she's really affected by your additude dude. Or at least apologize.'' I pretended to believe him, not wanting to make it a bigger issue. We gotta go back in. I just hope he'll be a little nicer to her. It makes me sad seeing her like this.

''Okay...'' he sighed.

It was time for us to go back to the practice room to practice our dance.

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