{Chapter 6} Meanie

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It was finally the day where we would show our sunbaenims our progress! Normally I would be all nervous and shaking till last minute but now I honestly feel really good!

I was in the practice room with my earphones on going over the lyrics to my rap. I know it may be a risk but I decided to do ''Hollup'' by Bobby as my rap and I will dance to Dawin's ''Dessert''.

''Knock knock'' someone knocked the door.

''Come in!'' I said while I got up from my seat to see who it is.

''Oppa! What are you doing here?'' I ran and hugged him as soon as he came in.

''Yah! Get off!'' he said jokingly and pushed me away.

Classic Bobby, every time I try to hug him he pushes me away...

''Are you avoiding my love?'' I playfully hit him and pouted.



''I don't have time, I just came to wish you good luck and tell you that you have to go to the practice room in 5 minutes, the show-off is going to start!''

''Oh, well thanks oppa I gotta go then! Byee!''

I took my phone and backpack and with speed walking, more like running headed to the practice room. No time to wait for the elevator, I was running down the stairs like crazy which was probably not a good idea because when I got into the practice room I was panting like I had just run 3 miles.

Thank God no one was there, aside from the trainees to see me in such a mess. But they were all too busy to talk.

''I don't think I can do it!'' MiHee suddenly spoke up. This girl gets nervous so easy! She's worse than me! There was a silence in the room for 5 minutes at least before she spoke.

''Don't worry, I'm sure you're gonna do amazing!'' Jess said with a smile on her face. Now I don't know if that was sarcastic but I really hope not.

After that little conversation everyone was too busy practicing their singing/rapping and their choreographies with earphones on so we could not hear each other's music and get distracted.

It was so quiet that we almost did not hear the door knocking.

''Yes, come in!'' HaYoung the oldest out of all us said. Everyone was too afraid and nervous to speak.

''Hello girls'' YG came inside the room followed by and the members of WINNER and iKON, bowing to us.

''Hello'' we all said and bowed to the sunbaes waiting for them to talk.

"Are you guys ready?" He asked with a smile on. Weird. That's the first time I've seen him smiling.

"Yes!" We all said, nervous but happy.

''Before we start I want to announce something'' YG said which made all of us very curious

''You all know that this is a performance for you to show your progress but what you don't know is that I decides to rush your debut date, so this is also your last chance to show us if you are worthy enough to be in this group.'' He said earning gasps and shocked expressions from all the trainees standing in front of him. Some of us even started tearing up from the sudden shock and nervousness filling our bodies.

We knew we had to be good but now we have to be perfect. Any tiny mistake might cost a place in the group.

''Also that's not the only thing I want to announce, I will be also announcing three of the six members who will be in the group today, after your performance is over. The rest 3 will be decided after a meeting that will be held afterwards. You will be informed as soon as the results are out''

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