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b.i-we got married {COMPLETED} by byeolrangdan
b.i-we got married {COMPLETED}by ♡ℰ𝓊𝓃𝒽𝓌𝑜𝓃♡
being a member of a famous rookie girl group , she was invited to be on a show called 'we got married'. she was paired up with famous boy group , iKON's leader , B.I. i...
DOUBLE B | IKON by littlehoshixb
DOUBLE B | IKONby hiyori_ralte
It's about Kim hanbin and Kim bobby from ikon....... I preferred a name Bobby as Babby,hanbin as Binny And pliz read and vote But it's so short.. I HAVE MASTER DEGREE IN...
The one and only by evantaresh
The one and onlyby Evantaresh
The only thing worse than a boy who hates you, is a boy who loves you. A sequel of "killing me" (read "killing me" first to understand better) Focus...
Married To Kim Hanbin  by kiimxchii
Married To Kim Hanbin by kiimxchi
19 year old Park Sohyun has to play the role of twin sister, Park Jihyun. Park Jihyun was in an arranged marriage but because of her death incident, younger sister Park...
College Roomies  by Vkookie195197
College Roomies by Vkookie195197
Rose and Junhoe college students get roomed together in a dormitory. They don't really know each other, but they don't really get along together since they're total oppo...
iKON LYRICS ᴮ¹by 𝐤, semi-ia
☁︎ᵎ ... ˗ˋˏ - "Dive" ㅤ، ⌕ #010 ㅤ، ⌕ on-going
playboy || hanbin fanfic by hanbinqt
playboy || hanbin fanficby hanbinqt
In which a playboy falls in love with a bad girl. ❝ If you dare kiss me now, I'll cut off your dick and chop it up into pieces. ❞ ☾ mature romantic comedy high school a...
Euphoria | Jenbin by m_i_eeee
Euphoria | Jenbinby Mieeee
PinKON Series #1 "It's different from the typical definition of destiny." *Unedited*
b.i-sixteen wishes {COMPLETED} by byeolrangdan
b.i-sixteen wishes {COMPLETED}by ♡ℰ𝓊𝓃𝒽𝓌𝑜𝓃♡
"grant me sixteen wishes and i'll leave you alone." . . . "okay." started: 22 June 2019 ended: 10 July 2019 + lowercase intended
Be Mine? | Kim Hanbin by tbhjimin
Be Mine? | Kim Hanbinby babybird
Maybe? we're just not meant to be ; hanbin [Start: 30/5/2015] [End: 22/12/2016] -tbhjimim
Bad Boy by rahimisaberi
Bad Boyby rahimisaberi
When the baddest boy become your math tutor, when the heartless boy become your savior, when your enemy become your .. It's start when you get the lowest mark on your...
back in time | junrosé ✓ by jenniesmfgucci
back in time | junrosé ✓by 珠洲
C O M P L E T E D ❝ i will do everything to save you, chaeyoung. ❞ cover by sugahobic
Gang Leader || Kim Hanbin by innocentinnie
Gang Leader || Kim Hanbinby 💫
(changed my cover) If she never walked alone the park at night and witnessed a murder, she would have never met him... She would have never met Kim Hanbin. --- "Hel...
Killing Me | Kim Hanbin by rayofhanbin
Killing Me | Kim Hanbinby ri
"Did you regret everything that happened between us that night?" "I...do..." Book Two of 'Love Scenario'. S: 11/24/18 F: 7/19/19
Delinquent: iKON Kim Jinhwan by alpacake
Delinquent: iKON Kim Jinhwanby INACTIVE
❝ Why do you keep coming to me? I'm nothing but a delinquent. ❝ IKON's KIM JINHWAN © alpacake, 2017
Love Scenario | Kim Hanbin by rayofhanbin
Love Scenario | Kim Hanbinby ri
"Actually...Yang Hyun Suk is right, Hanbin." "What are you talking about?" S: 9/6/18 F: 11/22/18
FORBIDDEN LOVEby nyongtory.
Seungri and Jiyong are lovers, they have a relationship for eleven years and look so happy. But something happened to their relationship. Jiyong's parents ask Jiyong to...
Seven Days (iKON Fan Fiction) by dianaathene
Seven Days (iKON Fan Fiction)by Diana Athene
Irina thought she was the luckiest woman when she got accepted into YG Entertainment company as Media Marketing staff. But the next lucky thing came for her: she was in...