{Chapter 16} Confession

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We had arrived to our destination, the amusement park and once we all got out of the cars we started heading towards the entrance.

''Hello'' we all said to the cashier, bowing.

''Oh! Hello'' she said slightly startled. Well I don't blame her, seeing 12 people coming towards you so suddenly can be surprising

''We want 12 tickets with a full day-pass please'' Hanbin was in charge of getting the tickets and us in charge of goofing around before even getting in the park

''It will be 50.000 won (Korean money) each so 600.000 won in total, sir'' she kindly said to him

''Ok, hold on a second'' he got 50.000 won from all of us since everyone was paying for themselves and gave the lady the money.

''Before you enter you need to put these on sir'' she handed him some green bracelets

''Thank you! Have a nice day'' he told her and moved aside so we could all put on the bracelets

''Oppa can you put it for me please?'' Jess told Hanbin in an aegyo voice.

''Sure'' he answered smiling and gently taking the bracelet and clipping it in her wrist.

After we all had our bracelets on our wrists we headed towards the rides

''So what do you guys wanna do first?'' Nayoon who was leading our crew asked. We were all busy chatting and laughing in small groups that only a few people heard her.

''Yah! I'm talking to you!'' she said in a loud voice and everyone turned their attention towards her

''What about the Viking?'' Jia suggested and everyone agreed. Even tho some were scared we were really excited to do it.

''Let's go!'' we all said after showing the ride worker our tickets we started going for it. We sat on our seats and locked the safety bars. I was sitting on the edge next to Junhoe who was not scared and suggested me to sit with him since I was kind of scared. He has a really deep and loud voice so if he screams I might go deaf from one ear.

'Ahhhhh!!'' the ride started and you could hear people screaming, others mostly but us as well.

After the ride ended we all got down on the ground safely not really affected by it much.

''Where do you guys want to go now?'' Bobby hyped up asked

''Roller Coaster!'' Junhoe screamed with his loud voice next to my ear, which I won't lie, it made me go deaf for a minute

''Aishh don't be so loud! I might go deaf!'' I hit his arm since he was standing next to me.

''So...roller coaster?'' Nayoon, who was still guiding us, since she's been on this amusement park many times asked

''Yep!'' everyone esclaimed happily except some people, Mihee and me.

''Ok, we need to get in pairs'' Nayoon said, seeing that the roller coaster had two seats for each wagon.

''I'll go with DongDong'' Jia happily said, interlinking her arms with him so they could pair up. DongDong was Donghyuk's nickname made by the fans but used by us as well

''I'll go with....'' Everyone had found their pairs and the pairing went like this:

Donghyuk – Jia

Junhoe – Jimin

Chanwoo – Hyeyoung

Bobby - Nayoon

Hanbin - Jess

Jinhwan and Yunhyeong were waiting for us (me & Minee) to decide our pairs but the truth was we did not want to go because we were scared. The ride has a big spin and a part where you ride upside down and it was really scary

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