{Chapter 12} Moving

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(Idk, just a cute gif of Bobby)

It's been two months since our debut! Out schedule has been so tiring and hectic, performances one after another, interviews one after another, V apps and appearances on variety shows. These two months have been so tiring but it's definetly worth it. People are giving us so much love, our debut music video has already surpassed 40 million views, I am so happy!

We are finally having a break but just when we thought we would finally get some rest, our manager told us that we will be moving to another dorm, since in our old dorm was the one all the female trainees were staying and it did not have all the necessary facilities we needed.

We will be moving to a bigger dorm, perfect for six people and the best thing is that it's on the same building with iKON's dorm so it will be easier for us to hang out.

''Jihye come and help me carry my bags please!" Jimin unnie yelled from the door, struggling with her luggage. She has so much stuff I don't know how they will all fit in the dorm...

''Coming!'' I said, dragging my feet lazily to go and help her bring her bags inside.

''Oh My God!'' I heard someone from outside the door yelling. I couldn't understand who was it tho. I guess someone from the building.

''What are you guys doing here?!?'' the guy said surprised and I heard Mihee answer him saying that we just moved in here. Now I gotta go see who it is.

''Chanwoo?!'' I said surprised once I saw who the guy was

''Oh! Hi Jihye'' he said, looking kind of surprised to see me

''Why are you so surprised?'' Mihee laughed looking at his face

''I just didn't expect you guys to move on the same building with us! And one floor afar? Daebak!'' he exclaimed clapping his hands.

''Guys come down to see something!'' he climbed the stairs yelling for the guys to come down. Oh this is gonna be a long day...

''Aishh...what is it?'' I heard Junhoe groan... God I can hear them from here...I hope they are not too loud...

''Fine we're coming relax! What is it so important?'' Bobby groaned as well following the others. I wanna see his face when he find out I will be living one floor away from him.

''Holy sh*t'' Bobby accidentally cursed seeing us so suddenly which made Jinhwan smack his arm. He is such a mom it's funny.

They were all gasping and covering their mouths from the surprise. Even Hanbin looked surprised to see us. ''What are you guys doing here?'' both Donghyuk and Yunyeong said at once voice, us laughing with their reaction.

''We're moving here!!'' Jia said happily

''What?!'' they all said shocked, others with a happy expression, others still in shock and Hanbin with his classic 'I don't give a sh*t' expression.

''Yep! Now we will be together all the time!'' I said with a creppy smile, slowly approaching Bobby who started to walk backwards, playing along with me. ''Wah! Daebak!'' he said in a fake scared voice still backing away from me, me laughing at his actions.

''It's been five minutes since they moved in and these two are already all over each other! So cute...'' Mihee teased us, earning disgusted expressions from me and Bobby, but laughter and many 'awwws' from the others. This girl will get it really bad from me one day!

''She's right enough with you two! Let's go inside and see your new dorm! It's clean right?'' Junhoe said with a teasing expression on his face.

''Of course it's clean! Come in...if you don't mind all the suitcases around the floor'' NaYoon said stepping aside and letting all seven boys walk into the apartment.

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