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A week later...

"Alright Ms.Caster, I have some bad news." I took a deep breath nodding.

"The cancer has spread, meaning now you will have less time before the cancer has taken your entire body." She sighs. I choked out a sob.

"H-How lon-g?" I cry out, not wanting to even hear the answer.

"A week." She nodded sadly. "I am so sorry Lyric." I nodded before getting up and thanking her for her time.

Everything was a blur, I couldn't deal with it. A week from today I would be leaving the boy I loved and his brother, my best friend. How was I going to tell them? They would never forgive me.

I got in the car and drove to the house. When I opened the door I was greeted by two sleeping teenagers. I smiled as they were curled up together on the small couch. I wish I was close to my siblings like that.

I quietly ran up the stairs but stopped when I heard a voice.

"Lyric?" Grayson's soft voice spoke.

"Hi." I whispered back, wiping under my eyes.

"How'd the appointment go?" He questioned hoping for good news, as was I. That's when I lost it. I broke down into tears, sobbing loudly.

Both boys ran over to me.

"Ly what's going on??" Gray demands.

"A week." I choked out. Both boys faces fell.

"No it, it can't be! They said you had at least a month left!" Grayson cried out.

"It spread, it was only a matter of time before this was going to happen. That time is now I guess." I replied, Ethan stood there silently crying.

"I'm sorry."

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