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We were on the way to the airport in Sydney and I was trying hard to keep my emotions in.

I was letting my 2 best friends go. The only ones I had beside Rachel. But she lived in Northern Ireland so it's not like I have something to look forward to in Australia.

I watched out the window as endless amount of trees, bare of their leaves passed by. It was pouring rain, matching my mood exactly. It was hard to wrap my mind around the thought that in a matter of minutes I would be losing my best friends. While they were here they were the only reason I looked forward to the day ahead.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I hadn't realized we had arrived at the airport.

"Ly." Grayson's voice shook me out of my thoughts, my eyes wandering to his.

"We're here." He whispers.

I took a deep breath and nodded getting out of the car.

We walked through security and the boys walked over to say their goodbyes.

I refused this was the goodbye. I only had a month to live and it was very low chances of the boys coming back to Australia before the month ends.

I let a tear slip but grayson quickly wiped it.
"Don't cry babe." Grayson whispers his hand still resting on my face.

"I'm losing you gray, I'm losing both of you, what am I going to look forward to in the morning now?" I choked out. I honestly wasn't ready to lose my best friends. I had just got them. And what was the reason they even had to leave?

"You'll never lose me babe." His heart was racing I could feel it as he pressed himself against me. Wow was I gonna miss having him around.

When Grayson let go I turned to Ethan as he took me into his signature hug.

"I'm gonna miss you eth..." I cried.  He pulled away to see my face. "You're not losing us, we'll always be there for you." He smiled.

"God you guys really are twins. You said such similar things." I chuckle through the tears and the boys laugh.

I pull them both in for one more hug.

"Flight 43 to Los Angles California will now begin boarding." The loudspeaker sounded and I knew this was it.

Ethan started to walk away and into the terminal and I started crying again.

"Goodbye Grayson Bailey Dolan."

"Goodbye Lyric Isabelle Caster."

And with that he was gone.


AYEEE LONG TIME NO SEE HUH? Sorry it took so long to update 👀 I've been in New York for the past week and on the flights is when I have been updating most of my books. Ha sorry for the delay. I know this is short. I will probably be updating again tomorrow. :)

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