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"Hey stranger."

Before either could say anything else, I wrapped my arms around them.

By this time I was sobbing. My entire world was holding me in their arms.

The boys pulled back. Grayson's thumb swiped  the tears away, I laughed and blushed a little. "Sorry I'm such a mess, I just cant believe it's really you guys." I chuckled and the guys smiled.

"You don't have to apologize babe, we're happy to see you too." Ethan smiled.

"Well come in then unless you want to be blown over by the wind" I laughed wiping the rest of my tears away and opening the door wider. The boys followed me to the living room and sat  down. I just stood there awkwardly.

The boys looked around the house from where they were sitting. I couldn't help but get to thinking. What if they thought I was different? What if they get disappointed Of who I end up to be? What if they find out...?

"Ly?" I snapped my head up, smiling, pushing back a strand of hair. "Sorry what did you say?" I asked, I felt bad that I was so caught up in those thoughts.

"Do you live alone?" Ethan said noticing the house was silent. "Oh, no. My roommate is just out." I explained drifting off once again.

"Ice cream?" Grayson said trying to get my attention again.

I couldn't shake off all the thoughts. I felt bad for ignoring them, after all they had flown over to Australia just to see me and I'm not even giving them my attention.

I felt a cold hand on the small on my back pushing me forward.

I turned around to see Ethan's muscular body standing behind me.

"Where are we going?" I asked confused as Ethan kept pushing me out the door.

"It's a surprise." Grayson giggled as I rolled my eyes. I fucking hate these twins.


When we arrived I hopped out of the car.

I looked around confused. "Um..?" Grayson looked at me. "We're at the ice cream parlor!" Ethan yells happily running across the parking lot and into the tiny shop on the corner.

I giggled awkwardly and walked with Grayson to the store.


"Thanks for ice cream guys..." I smiled tiredly at them both.

When we walked back into my apartment my eyes went straight to grace and Jacob making out on the couch. Fuck me.

I backed up and threw the boys back out the door. Walking back to the car.

"What's going on?" Ethan whispered confused as we all got back into the car. I started the car and turned to the boys. "Do you have somewhere to stay?" I said quickly fumbling with my phone.

"We were planning on getting a hotel." Grayson shrugged. "Okay I'll get a hotel too." I said getting out of the car again to grab clothes.

I run back to the door and open it as silently as I can.

I pass grace and Jacob and run up the stairs.

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