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2 months later

I groan in frustration, throwing my notes to the ground.

My phone buzzes. Rolling my eyes I pick it up.

"Hello?" I say taking a breath. I didn't even look at my phone before I answered it, thinking it was my roommate saying once more that she would be out late with her boyfriend.

There was silence.

"Hey stranger." A husky voice spoke out.

"Grayson, hi. Sorry I wasn't expecting it to be you." Gray chuckled from the other line.

"Did you like delete my number from your phone? Because I'm pretty sure it has peoples contact name on it if you didn't." He chuckles.

"No I didn't I just didn't look at the caller ID because I thought it was someone else." I explained.

"So you're disappointed that it's me and not them?" He breathes out.

"Quite the opposite actually gray. I would love to hear your voice but isn't it like 3am where you are?" I question. Why was he still up? Insomnia maybe? Shouldn't be. He's never told me about that at least.

"Actually no I just got off a plane." I raise my eyebrows shocked.

"Where? When we're you going to tell me this?" I shot back. Why wouldn't he tell me he was flying someone besides la.

"Lyric I gotta go. Eth and I are signing into our hotel right now. Skype later yeah?" His voice rushed out.

Before I could open my mouth he had started to talk again.

"Enjoy studying love you!" With that the line went dead. I took my phone away from my ear and stared at it in shock and confusion. How did he know I was studying?? And why the hell didn't he tell me he was going somewhere?


Once I was done with my notes I got up and went to open the curtains. It was a peaceful day and relativity quiet considering my roommate was out. I gasped at the view. The sky was a light pink. The clouds looked like cotton candy. I walked over to my phone and took it off the charger, opening my camera. I walked back over to my window and took a picture.

Lately the weather in Victoria was shitty, so seeing this beautiful sight was definitely something to capture.

I logged onto Instagram and posted the picture. My caption was sappy. My favorite Troye Sivan lyrics. "The sunsets longer where I am from." I hit post and watched my likes and comments blow up.

I smiled and closed my phone.

Seconds later I got a notification that Gray had posted an insta pic also. I chose to ignore it and go to study more.

My phone starts buzzing and I pick it up smiling seeing that it's rachel My best friend.

"Hey babe!" I say happily into the phone.

"HAVE YOU SEEN GRAYSON'S POST?" She screams into the phone.

"No? I haven't checked it yet wh-"

"GO LOOK RIGHT NOW." With that she hung up.

Still confused I opened my phone and pressed onto instagram.

I looked up Grayson's Name and clicked on his profile. I pressed onto the first photo that he has just posted.

When the photo loaded My eyes widened.

The picture was almost an exact replica of My photo. The caption shocked me even more. The caption being "Where dreams go to die, while having fun." Which is the next line in Suburbia by Troye Sivan after my lyrics I posted.

I commented. "Please tell me That's a new photo."

Within seconds he had tagged me in a comment.

"Open your front door and find out."

I dropped my phone and dashed downstairs. Slamming the door open I started to tear up. Standing right in front of me were the two most important people in my entire life.

"Hey there stranger."

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