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Hey guys. So this book ended a while ago but i think i need to touch on a couple things.

First thing first:

Thank y'all so much for reading this book! It means the world to me and i hope you liked and enjoyed reading this book as much as i liked writing it!

Also 1k reads!! Wtf thank y'all so much!!

The next thing I'm gonna talk about is very important to me and very personal. This book contains suicide. And i want y'all to know that i don't think that Grayson would ever actually end up doing that. He has amazing support and though, that's what happens in the book doesn't mean in anyway that i think that's what he'll do/ what he should do.

Also. If any of you guys are going through something and you need someone to talk to I'm always here. I always answer dm's and if you to get help in some way i will figure something out. I'm here for all of you guys. I really wanted to put that out there. Love you guys!!

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