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It had been a few weeks since the ice cream incident and I had obviously gotten better.

Since then I had gone back to my apartment because grace and Jacob had gone on vacation.

Ethan and Grayson took it upon themselves to teach me how to skateboard because I obviously don't know how to.

It was somewhat warm outside so we just decided to go into the street in front of my house because no one ever drives around here anyways.

"Okay take which ever foot you are more comfortable with and place it on the board." Grayson instructed and I listen placing my left foot on the board.

I looked up to him for him to continue. "Take my hand, and place your other foot right next to the foot on the board but keep it on the ground." He says smiling up at me.

When I try to adjust my feet to the proper stance I find myself slipping, the board flying down the drive. I grip Grayson's hand tighter hoping not to fall. Grayson takes hold of my waist and stands me up straight.

Ethan really didn't do much, just stood there on his phone laughing at me while I attempt to skateboard.

"I've gotta better idea." Grayson smirks. I look at him puzzled. "Put both of your feet on the board." He tells me and I oblige placing both feet on the board.

Grayson quickly takes out his phones. I try to switch around, my stance getting uncomfortable very quickly but once again I slip. Instead of jumping or flying off like last time I took ahold of Grayson's hands and watched as he snapped a picture.

Frustrated as both boys laugh at me I get off the skateboard, pick it up and start walking away

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Frustrated as both boys laugh at me I get off the skateboard, pick it up and start walking away. I didn't want to go back into the house so I decided to go to the liquor store close to my apartment.

Grayson and Ethan yell after me, running to catch up.

I keep walking and hear a loud snap of a camera and turn around red faced.

The boys both throw their hands up in the air and giggle. God I hate these twins.


Back at the apartment we were all chilling on the couch when my phone rings.

I pick it up to see that Grayson had just posted two photos.

The first picture was when I had both feet on the board and I was in the middle of falling. I liked the picture and clicked off of it and hit the second photo.

"Babygirl got frustrated when E and I tried to teach her how to skateboard

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"Babygirl got frustrated when E and I tried to teach her how to skateboard." Was Grayson's caption. I locked my phone and took the closest thing to me, that being Ethan's vans, and threw it at Grayson's head.

It hit him and he flipped looking straight to Ethan, thinking it was his doing.

"Ethan!" Gray screamed and we both giggled. Ethan is the twin that will take the blame if he cares enough.

"Haha sorry man." Ethan laughs.

I couldn't hold it in anymore. I burst out laughing and Grayson looks at me like I'm mental.

"I threw it." I laughed. Grayson's eyes widened.

He quickly gets up and runs over to my side of the couch.

"I hope you're not ticklish." He whispers in my ear before attacking my stomach.

Somewhere in the mess of it all Ethan gets a call and walks out to take it.

"Gray stoppp!" I giggle pushing against his chest.

He got so aggressive that we ended up tumbling to the floor.

Gray landed right on top of me. My breathing was heavy. His eyes flickered from my eyes to my lips. I stared into his hazel eyes like my life depended on it. His eyes switched back up to my boring blue/gray eyes.

I opened my mouth to say something but Gray beat the punch and placed his lips on mine.

I immediately kiss back brushing my hands through his short brown hair. Oh how fucking long I've wanted to that.

When we pulled away I smiled, our foreheads still touching.

Grayson rolls off of me and I sit up. We stare at each other for a while sitting in the comfortable silence.

"I really like you gray." I whisper scooting closer to him.

"I feel the same way lyric." I smile at that.

Ethan runs back into the room concern and sadness laced through his face.

I quickly get up. "You okay eth?" Gray asks from behind me.

"We have to go back to la." Ethan says out of breath.

My head starts to spin. I couldn't breath. "Ly? Are you alright?" Ethan says concerned.

I nod my head taking a step forward towards the stairs.

"I need to go."  I explain taking a few more steps. Everything gets dizzier and I fall towards the ground. Quickly I pick myself up and run up the stairs, tears streaming down my face.

"Lyric!" Grayson screams after me. I lock my door behind me trying to catch my breath.


"Rachel, it's getting worse. The doctors said I would be better with the treatment not worse." I was sitting on my porch steps at 2am in the morning. Grayson was asleep and I honestly had no idea where Ethan was.

"The boys have to fly back to la in two days." I cry. The coldness of the Australian night was getting to me as I pull at the sleeves of  Grayson's sweatshirt.

"No I am not going to tell them I have leukemia! That would ruin everything." I almost shout into the phone. Suddenly I hear keys rattle and I look to my right.

Ethan's standing there with a box of nando's in his hands.

"I have to go talk to you later love you bye." I instantly hang up and stand up facing Ethan.

"You have leukemia..?" He whispers and my eyes widen filling with tears.

"Ethan no I-" I start to explain but Ethan wraps me in a hug.

"Why didn't you tell us lyric?" His voice was hoarse like he was trying hard not to cry.

"I knew it would ruin everything." I explain.

"How long do you have to live...?" I was regretting hearing that question.

"From now? A month." I cry out.  Ethan takes  me  into another hug as I cry into his chest.

"Please don't  tell Grayson" I mutter out.

"I won't I promise."

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